Toyota concept car at Le Mans: race Prius?

Toyota concept car at Le Mans: race Prius?

Toyota Gazoo Racing has won the 24 Hours of Le Mans for consecutive years now. So it’s no surprise that the Japanese want to make it a real party this year, especially since the world’s most famous 24-hour race celebrates its centenary this year. On and around June 10 and 11, things will get messy at Toyota, which will launch a concept car in France, among other things.

We don’t see more than the bottom of the front panel, but the image still tells us something interesting. It appears to be a (very) sporty version of the new Toyota Prius. Just look closely at how the front bumper bends in the middle, with a curve at the bottom. The towing eye covers also have the same shape and position as on the new Prius.

So the bright Prius. That sounds like a good combination, but the new Toyota Prius is also sportier than before in production form. Because of its appearance, but also because of the system power of 223 hp. Additionally, Toyota has often given the Prius a racing jacket. In the second generation, this was still the focus of the Prius GT concept, but later Priuses were sent to Japan. The Super GT model (GT300) produced sharp cars with the recognizable Prius design of the 3rd and 4th generations, although the mid-engined V8 bore little relation to the original hybrid powertrain.

Toyota Prius GT300.

Toyota promises that the newcomer will be a concept car full of technology developed by motorsport. In June we’ll find out if there really is a Prius here, or if Toyota Gazoo Racing is taking a completely different approach at Le Mans.