Toyota Corolla for those who are waiting for a car from another brand.  Drivers will be surprised by new surprises

Toyota Corolla for those who are waiting for a car from another brand. Drivers will be surprised by new surprises

Toyota to find a way to wait a long time different brand car. By what miracle? The Japanese manufacturer is just starting a new leasing program, Kinto One, aimed at individuals and companies that have already ordered a competitor’s car, but will get it a year or even later.

Toyota Corolla from stock for a year or more, with equipment and engine?

The prospect is pleasant Toyota Corolla sedan with 1.5/125 hp petrol engine and in the Comfort edition. The car offers a package of active safety systems with intelligent cruise control, dual-zone automatic climate control, multimedia system with 8-inch color touchscreen, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, connectivity services Toyota Connected Car with 16-inch alloy wheels.

Toyota Corolla sedan / Toyota

Corolla in a three-box body Of course it is a beautiful car, and making a luxury sedan in the compact class is not easy! No one will dare to say that the stem is strongly connected, stable silhouette attracts attention. The interior has a nice atmosphere. Comfortable seats encourage you to travel.

Toyota Corolla instead of an imported car, how much does it cost?

A lease agreement (with no upfront fee) can be signed for 12 or 18 months with a maximum mileage limit of up to 30,000. e.g. Toyota calculates that a used Corolla Comfort in the lease program costs from PLN 1,200 net monthly for a 12 month contract and 20 thousand. mileage km.

Toyota Corolla sedan / Toyota

Toyota Corolla for PLN 1,200, i.e. compensation for the loss of value of the car.

– Disruption of the supply chain resulted in a situation where the average waiting time for new cars increased significantly. Toyota offers individuals and companies waiting for the order car any car brand from stock, affordable payment and lease period to suit your needs – said Maciej Walecki, Product Development Specialist at KINTO Department of Toyota Central Europe. – Kinto One Leasing is a specially configured product where low premiums are the driving force only pay the loss of value of the car during the term of the contract. Unlike Kinto One Lease, in Kinto One Lease it is not possible to buy a car after the end of the contract. Offer available for a limited time while the car pool is exhausted – he explained.

Toyota Corolla sedan / Toyota