Toyota Crown was once a symbol of luxury.  It returns after 67 years

Toyota Crown was once a symbol of luxury. It returns after 67 years

Toyota Crown sedans have been considered a symbol of luxury in Japan ever since. Launched in 1955, the model was the first luxury passenger car to be mass-produced and developed independently by Toyota. Previously only available in a few markets, now it has a chance to conquer the whole world, because already in autumn this year. The Japanese plan to start a global expansion of the Crown model, offering it in about 40 countries.

Photo: Toyota

Toyota Crown

Toyota Crown – a synonym of luxury that has lost its relevance

The reason for the decline in the interest of the Crown, as Toyota itself informs, was the inability to meet the various expectations of customers, as well as the reduced role of the car as a flagship car. This is confirmed by sales data quoted by Nikkei Asia. Last year, global sales of Toyota Crown reached about 21 thousand copies. This is the lowest number since 1958.

Toyota Crown 2022Photo: Toyota

Toyota Crown 2022

Now, theoretically against logic, because the Lexus brand has taken the baton of the luxury model maker, Toyota wants to give the Crown a new life. The Japanese concern is announcing its future model under the slogan “Crown of the new era”, but in fact it will be the entire series of the Crown. It will be created by a crossover combining elements of a sedan and an SUV, a sports version, a classic limousine, as well as an Estate type, which will actually be a work SUV.

Toyota Crown – a brand with great hopes

Toyota’s desire to succeed with the return of the Crown to the showrooms is very high. According to Nikkei Asia, the manufacturer wants to reach the sales ceiling of 200,000. units per year, ie the golden age of Toyota Crown, which was in the years 1988-1990. Half of the estimated volume should remain in Japan, other important markets will also be the United States, China and the Middle East. Time will tell if the Crown series will also go to Europe, including Poland.

Despite strong domestic and foreign competition, the new old model of Toyota has a chance to appear in the minds of customers, also in markets where the Crown name is not as recognizable as in Japan. This is where the styling adopted by Toyota for the new models, along with the interior design, come to the rescue. An additional benefit can be a proven hybrid car.