Toyota, Lexus from Kinto: top sellers in Italy 2023

Toyota, Lexus from Kinto: top sellers in Italy 2023

In Italy, in 2023, the Toyota group recorded a sales record in the B-SUV segment. The Toyota and Lexus brands, together, exceeded 102,000 registrations, achieving a market share of over 6.5%.

There are several factors that have led to this success: from the delivery of electric vehicles to innovative solutions regarding financing, leasing, insurance and connectivity.

I wrote the numbers of Toyota, Lexus and Kinto

In 2023, Toyota he closed 98,000 for registration in Italy, in place of third place in the list of best selling brands and a share of 6.3%. A share exceeding 8% if we consider sales to individuals only. As already mentioned, this result is due to the example Yaris crossoverwhich represented about 23% of the market, followed by compacts Ayo X.

Lexusinstead he reached 3,700 registrations it is 1.3% market share. More than 50% of the registrants were among individuals. The model was very successful SUV NX, with approximately 2,000 registered units. It should be noted that half of the buyers preferred the hybrid version of the plug.

Also KintoToyota brand focused mobility services, has recorded significant growth. In particular, a long-term rental service with an all-inclusive formula, called One, has seen a increase in fleet by 80% compared to 2022, and around 16,000 cars. Sharing services, medium-term rentals and car pooling have also recorded growth.

Toyota news for 2024

Mauro Caruccio, CEO and chairman of Kinto Italia, and Alberto Santilli, CEO of Toyota Motor Italia, commented on the achievements, shared data, information and hopes for the new year. Republic.

The first announced that in 2024 the brand will be “you can increasingly interrupts the emerging demand for mobility and connecting the region with the goal of completing the implementation of all 5 Kinto mobility services on 100% of the network.».

The second, however, gives 2024 as «a whole year of information», when Toyota will strengthen”multi-technology approach». In fact, it will introduce «important information Yaris and Yaris CrossPlugin Hybrid variant on the new C-HR and there will also be news related to the world Gazoo CompetitionFinally, through Lexus2024 will be a very important year thanks to New LbxA premium hybrid SUV capable of delivering great driving pleasure».

Article Edited On:February 16, 2024