Toyota presents its results for 2022 and its forecast for 2023

Toyota presents its results for 2022 and its forecast for 2023

On January 17, 2023, Toyota presented its 2022 report, through the voice of its CEO France, Frank Marotte. “For the first time in France, a foreign brand surpasses the manufacturer of the tricolor”, welcomed this leader. Frank Marotte refers here to the individual channel, in which Toyota France finished fourth in 2022, with a market share of 7.9%, thus exceeding. Citroën.

All channels combined, 6.8% of market share went to Toyota in 2022, making it the leading foreign brand in France, with 109,776 vehicles registered. Lexus, Toyota’s premium division, sold 3,256 vehicles. Regarding the second-hand market, 70,000 Toyota and Lexus UVs have found takers in 2022. For 2023, still in France, Toyota plans to sell 125,000 new cars (and 5,000 for Lexus). In the used car market, the manufacturer relies on 75,000 Toyota and 4,000 Lexus vehicles.

2022: Toyota’s European balance sheet

In Europe, Toyota and Lexus sold 1,080,975 vehicles (7.3% market share) in 2022, a slight increase of 0.5% compared to 2021. This puts Toyota in second place in Europe. Of those vehicles, 718,608 are electric, or about 66% of its sales in the Old Continent. A figure with a clear increase compared to 2021: + 14%. Globally, Toyota sold 8.7 million vehicles in 2022 (-0.4%), of which 2.5 million are electric (+4.4%).

But we must remember here the almost ideological position of Toyota. Indeed, the manufacturer continues “Bet on a carbon-free heat engine”, shot by Frank Marotte. “We are betting on hybrid self-recharge,” he emphasized. “And this so that these cars remain available in greater numbers, something that electricity, very expensive, does not allow”, justified Frank Marotte.

Note, however, that the rechargeable hybrid itself remains a CO emitter2. For example, the Yaris plug-in hybrid claims 87 g/km (WLTP certificate). Modest, yes, but not neutral. In addition, note that Toyota also offers plug-in hybrid models (PHEV), with 100% electric motors.