Toyota Yaris Cross GR Sport – test, reviews, price, technical data

Toyota Yaris Cross GR Sport – test, reviews, price, technical data

Toyota Yaris Cross is currently one of the most popular new cars on the Polish market. During our test, we found out whether it is worth choosing this car in the more expensive, sporty GR Sport version with a 116-horsepower hybrid.

Toyota Yaris Cross appeared in Polish showrooms in 2021 and immediately became the market. Last year, the crossover produced in France got 9,033 buyers, making it 9th on the list of best-selling cars. After the first four months of this year, it is already in second place (6,302 units), losing only to the Corolla (6,863 units).

In the summer of last year, the model version was improved with the GR Sport variant. As part of the weekly test, we looked at what the car is capable of and learned about its strengths and weaknesses. Here is our opinion on the hybrid Toyota Yaris Cross GR Sport 116 hp.

Toyota Yaris Cross GR Sport - rear

Toyota Yaris Cross GR Sport (2023) – body, specifications

Toyota Yaris Cross GR Sport specs 418.0 centimeters height, 176.5 centimeters width and 158.5 centimeters The length and distance between the axles is 256.0 centimeters. The same wheel also has the “regular” Yaris (both cars are based on the same platform), but it is 24 cm shorter, 2 cm narrower and 8.5 cm lower than the crossover offered. The different features of the version we tested are 18-inch diameter multi-spoke wheels, differently styled bumpers and GR Sport logos on the grille and tailgate.. The attractiveness of the described article is further enhanced attractive Spicy Orange varnish with roof and mirrors in Eclipse Black.

Toyota Yaris Cross GR Sport – interior, trunk

At first contact, the cock of the Yaris Cross appears quite chaotically arrangedhowever, in practice easy to get used to internal organs. The dashboard is made of hard plastic, but their assembly and quality of fit do not give any objection. The tested unit was equipped with instrument cluster with a 7-inch display (the standard is 4.2 inches), and the top of the center console was found 9 inch touch screen. multimedia system he does not sin by acting fastbut for that provides wireless connectivity to your smartphone (both via Android Auto and Apple CarPlay).

They are waiting ahead quite comfortable seats with good lateral support and a wide range of adjustments. Let’s add to this the driving range set in two planes and as a result, every driver, regardless of height and build, can. it will not be difficult to find a better position. In the back seat, the traveling conditions for adult passengers are not very good. Let’s start with that The rear door does not open very wide, and the door opening itself is small. The black headboard together with the small windows add to the feeling of scarcity, but in fact There is enough head and leg room. It’s more disturbing less knee spacebut the situation is partially saved by the raised sofa, thanks to which you do not have to raise your legs up and sit normally.

The trunk of the Toyota Yaris Cross deserves praise, because it turns out to be amazing closed and adjustablefor a car of such standard dimensions. Its primary ability is 397 litersand after folding the backrest of the sofa (in the described version it is divided in a ratio of 40:20:40) it increases to 1097 years. A useful solution is two floors divided in the ratio 40:60which allows, for example, to “lock” the jacket so that it does not move around the trunk while driving. It also increases performance two storage compartments on the sides of the trunk and organizer in the spare wheel well. There was also in the luggage space additional 12V socketThere were no hooks for shopping bags.

Toyota Yaris Cross 1.5 Hybrid Dynamic Force – engine, fuel consumption

The featured Toyota Yaris Cross has been received full hybrid powertrainwhich has a 92-liter 1.5-liter gasoline engine and an 80-horsepower electric unit. The system power of this system is 116 hpand for its distribution on the front wheels answers Continuously variable e-CVT transmission. This configuration does not make the Japanese crossover a speed demon (acceleration from 0-100 km/h in 11.2 seconds and high speed 170 km / h), but it is a guarantee of low fuel consumption (catalog 4.4-5.0L/100km)

Toyota Yaris Cross GR Sport - engine
Under the hood of the Toyota Yaris Cross GR Sport we find a 116-horsepower hybrid. Its performance does not quite match the sports version (theoretically), but it provides lower fuel consumption.

As part of the test behind the wheel of the Yaris Cross, we drove about 1,100 kilometers in different conditions, which allowed us to accurately verify fuel consumption. The natural environment of the Toyota hybrid is, of course, the city, and this is where it shows its best side. In traffic jams we got the ignition without any problems less than 5 l/100 kmwhile for a short distance we managed to get down inside around 2.5 l/100 km (the rate of driving in electric mode was more than 80% at that time). Slow driving on local roads resulted in gasoline consumption less than 4 l/100 km. On the road, you should consider the increase in fuel consumption – even up to 6L/100km on the highway and around 8 l/100 km at highway speeds.

Toyota Yaris Cross 1.5 Hybrid Dynamic Force – driving experience, handling, comfort

Contrary to what the presence of logos with the Gazoo Racing logo might suggest, behind the wheel of the Toyota Yaris Cross described, it is in vain to look for a sense of sport. The GR Sport version should be treated as styling package, because although the suspension system is arranged differently from other variants and the ground clearance is reduced, this car does not encourage to drive hard. The car drives confidently and behaves predictably on the road, but the steering feels average and lacks a little harshness, which it does. faster cornering doesn’t offer the feel we’d expect from a sporty variant.

Toyota Yaris Cross GR Sport - side

The suspension is very low, which is accompanied by 18-inch rims reduces ride comfort on poor surfaces and encourages you to slow down. The characteristics of the hybrid system also contribute to winning the kilometer line. The driver has a choice three driving modes (normal, sport and environment)but the last is enough. In this setting, the drive works constantly and allows you to get low fuel consumption. The 116 hp Yaris Cross stands out enough movementsalthough driving with the gas pedal pressed hard is not his thing.

Toyota Yaris Cross GR Sport - rear

Toyota Yaris Cross 1.5 Hybrid GR Sport – price, equipment

Toyota Yaris Cross in basic specifications is the price PLN 92,900. For this amount, we get a car in the Active version with a 1.5 Dynamic Force 125 HP gasoline engine and a manual gearbox. The standard equipment list includes eg 16-inch alloy wheels with covers, manual air conditioning, Pre-Collision System (PCS) with pedestrian and cyclist detection, 60:40 split rear seats, side mirrors electric, power front windows and Toyota Touch infotainment system 2 with a 7-inch touch screen. .

The tested GR Sport variant is only available as a 116 hp hybrid and costs money PLN 135,400. This car comes with: 18-inch alloy wheels, 10 mm lower suspension, dual-zone automatic climate control, 40:20:40 split rear bench seat, power folding mirrors, windows front and rear power steering and the Toyota Smart Connect infotainment system with a 9-inch touchscreen. The text seen in the photo was provided in addition VIP package for PLN 6,500 (eg LED matrix lights, HUD display, electronic and touchless opening and closing of the trunk lid).

Below you will find the detailed price list of Toyota Yaris Cross:

Toyota Yaris Cross – version details and price list

Toyota Yaris Cross 1.5 Hybrid GR Sport – OVERVIEW

After a week spent with the Toyota Yaris Cross, we have no doubt why this model is the top of the best-selling cars in our country. It offers basically everything you would expect from a car for daily driving. It’s comfortable to get into, the small size makes it easy to drive in the city, and the interior is functional and capable. In addition, it has had a refined hybrid drive, which is distinguished by low fuel consumption. In this honey barrel, however, there was a spoonful of pitch. The Yaris cross in the GR Sport described version suffers from a lack of sports, which is limited only in appearance, and does not like to drive strongly.

Toyota Yaris Cross GR Sport - front

Toyota Yaris Cross 1.5 Hybrid GR Sport – advantages and disadvantages

+ plenty of space in the 1st row of seats
+ a powerful and functional trunk
+ very low fuel consumption
+ adequate performance
+ standard detailed equipment
– less legroom in the 2nd row of seats
– average suspension comfort
– Driving is not very involved
– high purchase price

Toyota Yaris Cross 1.5 Hybrid GR Sport – technical data, performance, fuel consumption

Gasoline engine (R3, 12V, 1490 cc) + electric motor, hybrid system combined power 116 hp, acceleration 0-100 km/h 11.2 s, top speed 170 km/h, combined fuel consumption 4.4 -5.0 l/100km (WLTP)

Toyota Yaris Cross 1.5 Hybrid GR Sport – technical data, performance, fuel consumption, price
TECHNICAL DATA Toyota Yaris Cross 1.5 Hybrid Dynamic Force FWD e-CVT
Engine gasoline + electricity
Cylinder/Valve/Transfer R3/12/1490cc
High power (gasoline) 92hp/5500
Maximum power (electric./combined) 80/116 hp
torque (petrol) 120Nm/3600-4800
torque (electrical/combined) 141/bd Nm
Drive/gearbox forward/auto, stepless
Height width height 4.18/1.77/1.59m
The base of the wheels 2.56 m
Reduce weight / load 1170/520 kg
Cargo volume (min/max) 397/1097 l
Fuel tank capacity 36L (Pb 95)
Tires 215/50R18
Maximum speed 170 km / h
Acceleration 0-100 km/h 11.2 seconds
Average fuel consumption (combined) 4.4-5.0L/100km
Version Toyota Yaris Cross 1.5 Hybrid GR Sport
Price of the basic version (1.5 Dynamic Force Active) PLN 92,900
Price of tested version (1.5 Hybrid Dynamic Force GR Sport) PLN 135,400
Price of tested unit (including accessories) PLN 141,900

Toyota Yaris Cross 1.5 Hybrid GR Sport – photo gallery