Transport companies propose a 69 euro ticket from September – Economy & Volkswagen – News

Transport companies propose a 69 euro ticket from September – Economy & Volkswagen – News

What happens after the 9 euro ticket? The Association of German Transport Companies (VDV) spoke in favor of a permanent ticket of 69 euros for local public transport.

“According to the assumption that the public transport tax of the transport associations will continue to attract many passengers, we propose a public transport system throughout the country for those who have been proven to be relevant targets in the market research – drivers who are ready to pay – Klimaticket for 69 euros per month as a 2nd class transport permit,” said Oliver Wolff, General Manager of the VDV. The newspaper “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” had previously reported.

Unlike the 9-euro ticket, the 69-euro ticket will not automatically apply to subscribers, it said. Instead, passengers will have to weigh which subscription suits them best.

Industries are pushing for a quick decision from politicians

“The industry can issue such a climate ticket from September 1,” Wolff said. “For this, however, we needed a corresponding mandate from politicians very quickly.” At another stage, other variants needed for public transport can be prepared for next year.

Wolff put the costs of such an offer at around two billion euros a year. For this year, these costs can still be financed through a rescue fund for transport companies negotiated by politicians. “New regulation is needed for the new year.”

With a 9 euro ticket, passengers can still travel across Germany on public transport for 9 euro per month until the end of August. The campaign, which lasted for three months, was intended to relieve citizens of the burden and make switching between buses and trains more attractive. Demand for special tickets was high. Politicians and industry are now discussing possible future releases.

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