Travis Pastrana shows that Subaru can fly.  His gymkhana is crazy!

Travis Pastrana shows that Subaru can fly. His gymkhana is crazy!

write that Travis Pastrana he is mad, that is not enough. This man has no brakes, knows no fear and does things that seem impossible. This time his new gymkhana takes such fun to a new level – from every angle.

don’t you believe See for yourself – you can’t miss it.

Travis Pastrana shows that gymkhana can still be interesting

A few weeks ago, Ken Block, known for his “gymkhana” series, showed something completely new – electrikhana. The collaboration with Audi is also a change for the Audi Hoonitron, an electric monster created in one copy, especially for Block.

There, in the streets of Las Vegas, silence and the low hum of an electric car wreaked havoc. Nice, but…

Subaru Pastrana is more interesting

Well, let’s be honest – it has nothing to do with the serial car. It’s actually a redesigned tubular structure (steel and carbon fiber) wrapped in a body similar to the 1980 Subaru GL.

Subaru The Huckster Family, officially named by Pastrana, uses a 2.3-liter boxer engine (producing 862 hp), a sequential gearbox and a supercharged four-wheel drive. And that’s not all, because the body has active aero panels that increase downforce at the right time.

In his gymkhana, Pastrana does absolutely crazy things

Grind the car over the obstacles? Please. Side sweeping around town? Why not?

And not that all. Pastrana flies crazy at speeds of up to 200 kilometers per hour, races the 3,000-horsepower Cleetus McFarland El Camino, chases airplanes and jumps on top of a helicopter.

The film begins and ends with Pastrana’s accident scene

This is not a directed part of the entire film. Pastrana ends the dance and jumps down from the roof of the building. Due to problems controlling the sliding parachute, he hits the ground with great force. Doctors at the scene suspected serious internal injuries. This, fortunately, was only a worst-case scenario that did not materialize.

Now go make yourself a coffee, put on your headphones and pretend you’re working. Such a beautiful gymkhana will not be seen!