Truck parking of the future is being created in collaboration with truck drivers

Truck parking of the future is being created in collaboration with truck drivers

A modern truck parking space is being built on the A8 Innkreisautobahn, one of the most important truck transport routes in Austria, reports ASFINAG, the Austrian road operator. The operator is changing the old parking lot, the investment is 19 million euros.

The new Truck-Stop Hausruck is characterized by greater safety. For us, however, it is very important to provide truck drivers with more service and respond to their needs. Therefore, the results of a detailed survey of truck drivers were taken into account when planning the system,” explain ASFINAG board members Hartwig Hufnagl and Josef Fiala.

The parking lot will be completed at the end of this year and is designed for 112 trucks. The so-called caravan parking should enable the best use of the available space. A total of up to four heavy trucks can be parked in 28 rows one behind the other. At the entry point, an intelligent controller assigns the driver a specific parking space based on the desired time of departure. The status of the parking space is also displayed on the screen along the lane ahead. This system is used for the first time in the parking area in the ASFINAG network.

Photovoltaics, charging stations and an outdoor fitness center

Charging stations for electric trucks and generator power supply connections for refrigerated vehicles will be available in ten parking spaces. Electricity is provided by a 60 kWp photovoltaic system.

The offer is completed by a variety of showers, a rest area where food can be heated and dishes washed. According to ASFINAG, washing machines and dryers, vending machines, fitness facilities and barbecue areas will also be available.

Exterior lighting in the form of energy-saving LED lights, video surveillance and an emergency call option with direct connection to the ASFINAG local traffic control center in Wels ensure safety.

In order to protect residents, but also drivers, ASFINAG is installing two new noise protection walls as a road border.

Truck-Stop Hausruck will be available for trucks only. In the medium term, ASFINAG plans to create approximately 1,000 additional truck parking spaces throughout Austria.