TRY 4 Reasons why the new Skoda Fabia is bad news for the Volkswagen Polo dealer

TRY 4 Reasons why the new Skoda Fabia is bad news for the Volkswagen Polo dealer

The Volkswagen Polo and Peugeot 208 are both in the top 10 best-selling cars in the Netherlands. Skoda would like to join that list with the new Fabia – Skoda Fabia the largest and most comprehensive ever. Here are 4 reasons why it might work.

We are dealing with Skoda Fabia. It is only connected to the MQB A0 platform, while Volkswagen Polo and Seat Ibiza have been benefiting from it since 2017. In fact, both models recently got a face lift because they were on the market for four years. Now we want to know what is best to buy: a brand new Fabia or an updated Polo.

This article is based on a detailed comparative test in Vehicle Review 1/2022† Peugeot 208 also participates in this, as an alternative to practical Czech or volume German. We will ignore him online.

Reason 1: You have more opportunities to play in Skoda Fabia

The new Fabia is bigger, wider and taller than the Polo. So the Skoda guest is the biggest car. The front has more freedom of movement and the passengers in the back do not believe that they are in a B-section car, because the room is spacious and shoulder-width apart makes the contestants jealous.

Reason 2: The Fabia stem is about the same size as a Golf

The trunk of the Volkswagen Polo is enough. It has a capacity of 351 to 1125 liters, but the new Fabia brings a pistol to the knife fight, because its cargo space is just as large as that of the Volkswagen Golf, which is 380 liters. If you lower the back seat, you can take 1190 liters you too.

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Reason 3: Skoda Fabia is more economical than Polo

Fabia 1.0 TSI with 95 hp used in practice: 5.6 l / 100 km (1 to 17.9). Strangely enough, the Polo 1.0 TSI closely related is a thirst for swallowing. It uses 6.0 l / 100 km, which is equivalent to 1 to 16.7.

Reason 4: Skoda Fabia is cheap – Volkswagen is cheating on you

The price list for the new Fabia starts above the incredible 20 grand price limit. TSI 1.0 costs 20,390 euros. You can trade with Volkswagen for 19,990 euros, but do not accept it. Then you get the final entry level: turbo-less 1.0 MPI and 80 hp. The Polo 1.0 TSI in our experiment has a base price of 22,390 euros and is therefore more than two thousand euros more expensive than Fabia.

In terms of fixed costs, Fabia also has an edge. Its maintenance costs are slightly lower, such as car taxes. Skoda is also the most affordable in business rental and private rental.


We cannot guarantee that the Skoda Fabia will be more popular than the Volkswagen Polo. Although it will not surprise us, because a foreigner from the Czech Republic offers a lot of space, adult driving credentials and a friendly price tag. It offers a solid overall package that surpasses the closely related Volkswagen Polo technically.

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