TRY Toyota Aygo X Limited Edition.  Car accident and big fine – Super Express

TRY Toyota Aygo X Limited Edition. Car accident and big fine – Super Express

TEST – Toyota Aygo X Limited Edition

My first meeting with the new Toyota Aygo X (read “Cross”) was time premiere in Barcelona. Then a member of the Japanese city indicated that in the centers of large gatherings he felt like a fish in water. This baby fits everywhere, it goes back like a forklift, and in rich versions it allows you to catch the rays of the sun during the day, and count the stars in the evening. Japanese engineers have taken it so seriously that the Toyota Aygo X is no longer aimed at small businesses and pizza delivery companies, but also discerning private customers. After the changes introduced in the new generation, it is an attractive and convenient proposition for young and old drivers. What does this indicate?

The new Aygo X (Cross) is no longer small

Manufacturers in segment A cars still see great potential. Big cities are running out of places, and babies like the Aygo X are the perfect antidote to narrow and congested streets. This is confirmed by the fact that the predecessor sold well, but the latest version with “X” will do better on the market. Why? Mainly because of the dimensions, the Aygo X is no longer small.

The newest resident of the city is based on the new GA-B standard platform, which is also used by the latest Yaris and Yaris Cross, that is, models from the segment B. mm) with a length of 1,510 mm (+50 mm), and wheelbase. increased to 2,430 mm (+90 mm). As a result, there is more space in the cabin (+45 mm in shoulder height) and in the boot (+125 mm), which now has a capacity of 231 liters (+63 liters). The effect? On paper, it is not much smaller than the Yaris, but these cars are not unique, as seen on the road.

Toyota Aygo X will appeal to young and old alike

Young drivers are usually looking for a car they like. Yes, fuel consumption is also an important factor, but a city car must above all be attractive and generate interest, and the Toyota Aygo X does not disappoint in this regard. The Japanese baby comes in attractive colors, can have a two-tone body and already stands on 17-inch wheels (18-inch optional) as standard. In addition, when raised and decorated with plastic covers, it plays a tough guy, which in the case of such a small car is quite pleasant. Don’t be fooled, because it’s not just looks – the Aygo X can handle bigger curbs.

Older customers will also like Toyota for its looks, but it will focus more on practical values. Seniors will appreciate that it’s comfortable to get in and out of, and the high position behind the wheel will allow them to see every obstacle in front of the car. In addition, the “light” operating system will not reduce their shoulders, the direct transmission of the joints, and the rear camera will save the back. There is room for grandchildren in the back seat, and 231 liters of luggage space will be enough for several days’ shopping. They will always reach their destination in one piece, because Toyota Safety Sense has a long list of safety systems to monitor it.

Both generations will also be able to handle the new Toyota Touch 2 multimedia system. The graphics are legible, and the large icons on the 9-inch screen are easy to find. Youngsters will love the fact that charging devices will not require a cable and the same applies to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity.

Car with problems and big fines

The Toyota Aygo X seems to be a good antidote to the day-to-day fluctuations in petrol prices. You don’t have to try too hard to keep the average fuel consumption in the city and its surroundings hovering between 5.5-6 l / 100 km. According to catalog data, models with a 5-speed manual can drive even more economically, but the difference is so small that it is better to entrust the Multidrive S transmission for changing gears. Unfortunately, savings go hand in hand with meaningless trends. The standard 1.0 VVT-i unit, producing 72 HP and 93 Nm, takes about 15 seconds to accelerate the car to the first “hundred”.

This means that outside the built-up area, we can forget about excessive efficiency, but this medal also has another side. A car that accelerates slowly and can make noise in the cabin when accelerating, protects the driver from high fines. Fortunately, in the city, this power is enough to push well through traffic jams. Let’s calm down – Toyota Aygo X can also cope with high-speed roads and what’s more, in models without an opening roof (Skyview Air is available for PLN 5,000 from the Executive version) it is quiet even with respect.

The only drawback is the price

Toyota Aygo X is a solution to many problems that a driver has to face in a big city. Unfortunately, those who decide on this urban hipster will have to deal with the Polish price list, because The base Toyota Aygo X costs more than most B-segment cars. Prices in Polish showrooms currently start at PLN 65,900 for the “Active” variant with a 5-speed manual. Yes, the car then stands on 17-inch wheels, but as usual it has a 7-inch screen and new multimedia, air conditioning, central locking, LED lights and modern security systems. So it’s not bad, but it’s a bit harsh. So it is worth paying PLN 2,000 extra for the “Comfort” version.which additionally has a leather steering wheel, reversing camera, manually adjustable driver’s seat and more soundproofing features for the cabin. We got a “Limited Edition” variant with high-end equipment, which was only in the developer for a few months. You will recognize the smaller version from afar with olive varnish reserved only for it and orange accents.

Version Active Comfort Styles Executive
1.0 VVT-i Start and Stop 5 M / T PLN 65,900 PLN 67 900 PLN 71,900 PLN 80 900
1.0 VVT-i Start and Stop Multidrive S PLN 72,900 PLN 76 900 PLN 85 900

Success is guaranteed

Since its predecessor sold well, the larger, more muscular and better-equipped Toyota Aygo X has success in its pocket. This is confirmed by the fact that in the sale itself, Polish “blind” customers ordered about 750 copies. For each subsequent month, they ordered hundreds more, and the road proves a lot of interest. Personally, I see more and more cars. Imagine that if there are already a lot of these cars in Poland, it just has to be better in the west.