Tsuji, important Japanese musician and novelist in concert at Olympia – ActuaNews.fr

Tsuji, important Japanese musician and novelist in concert at Olympia – ActuaNews.fr

TSUJI (Hitonari TSUJI) is known in France for his novels, published all over the world. But it is another part of his talent that he invites us to discover soon: that of a musician. He will propose a unique date in Olympia, May 29.

Singer of the rock group ECHOES in the 80s, then formed the group ZAMZA and released an album in the United States where he toured twice. TSUJI sings regularly with folk songs with chiseled lyrics. For this concert at the Olympia, which will take place on May 25, he will be surrounded by Parisian musicians, longtime friends.

Hitonari Tsuji was born in Tokyo in 1959. A versatile artist, he distinguishes himself and excels in several artistic fields: novelist, musician and emerging filmmaker.

In 1989, his first novel, Pianissimo won the 13th Subaru Prize for Literature (Subaru Bungaku Sho). In 1997, he received the 116th Akutagawa Award for The Light of the Strait. In 1999, he received the Prix Femina, a prestigious French literary award, in the foreign novel category for the French translation of The White Buddha (Hakubutsu, published by Mercure de France). In 2022, his 3000-day essay about me and my son ranked #1 in sales on Amazon in Japan. To date, more than 15 million copies of his writings have been published worldwide. (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Turkey, China, South Korea, Thailand, South Asia, etc.).

His first group, ECHOES, was formed in 1979 in Tokyo and his first album, Welcome to the Lost Boys Club, was recorded in 1985 by Sony Records. His song ZOO reached one million sales in Japan. The group left a real mark on the Japanese rock scene and gave more than 2000 concerts before Tsuji embarked on new musical adventures.

After ECHOES he founded in 2007, ZAMZA. The band started in the United States and toured the country twice. Tsuji is the first Japanese artist to participate in the CMJ (music marathon) festival in New York in 2009, and also in the Busan Rock Festival. His latest album, Japanese Soul Man, reached number 6 on the rock charts in Japan! In 2022, he collaborated with DEEPFOREST on the original Japanese version of Kojo no Tsuki: DeepForest & TSUJI.

Movie theater:
In 1999, his first film, SENNEN-TABITO (director, screenwriter and musician) was presented as an official invitational film for the 56th International Critics’ Week of the Venice Film Festival. In 2001, his film HOTOKE (director, screenwriter and musician) was presented as an official selection at the 51st Berlin International Film Festival, in the Panorama section. In the same year, HOTOKE was presented at the Deauville Asian Film Festival, in the Competition section, and won the best picture award. HOTOKE participated in the 27th Seattle International Film Festival.

In 2002, his film, FILAMENT (director, screenwriter, music) was presented at the 37th Czech International Film Festival in Karlovy Vary. In 2009, ACACIA was presented at the 22nd Tokyo International Film Festival, in official competition. The release of The NAKASU LAND, his next film set during the pandemic, is scheduled for release in Japan in the summer of 2023.

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