two vw Paolo Mariano and Matteo Valenza: test-comparison

two vw Paolo Mariano and Matteo Valenza: test-comparison

Our Paolo Mariano with Matteo Valenza. On the back VW ID.Buzz

Two VW.Buzz tags, one Paolo (Mariano) and one Matteo (Valenza) for a test comparison of the modern electric version of the legendary Minibus. Article+VIDEO.

Two VW.Buzz IDs: one on the highway, one on the freeway

Two VWsThanks for the friend Matthew Valencia, creator of this idea, we thought we would put Volkswagen ID.Buzz facing the journey that it offers Brescia, through Dalmatia, leads to Riva del Garda (TN). Two identical identities. Buzz (even in color), Matteo, me and the “coin” to decide who would choose the road and who the Gardesana state road. About 120 km separates Brescia from Riva del Garda following the route from toll booth to toll booth e. more than 80 in an extra urban way. We have chosen them both of them. And we’d like the related experience to be like that food for thought for a new way of approaching travel. The most obvious choice isn’t always the one that fits the needs of the moment, right? And we like to imagine a world that options they are still possible and driven by awareness and understanding. But… we would also like to know your opinion! Don’t miss it!

My use? On 78 km of highway 6.41 km/kWh

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I hope my experience was: 15.6 kWh in the Gardesana area 78 kilometers, at strongly fixed speeds, on average 49 km/h. So we are a 6.4km and one kWh of energy, which is not bad considering the tonnage of the Volkswagen ID.Buzz. Matteo obviously used more: ai 90 average on the highway 126 km he consumed 27.4 kWh, equal to the average of 3.64km/kW. A big difference, which gives an idea of ​​how much speed (more than that without breaking again) affects the use of an electric car. Of course there is no order originally established which you can watch the two videos. You can start from wherever you want! But, for a complete view on the matter, we invite you look at them both. It is the first experience of this kind, we would like to receive your feedback, which is always important for our work. Good vision!