Two ways to do it with ChatGPT (free): you will be speechless and surprise everyone

Two ways to do it with ChatGPT (free): you will be speechless and surprise everyone

Microsoft partner, Google competitor: ChatGPT continues to generate free information and tricks.

Artificial Intelligence: Always Artificial Intelligence. Now it’s a constant in this year 2023. Not that it wasn’t there before, mind you, but it’s this year that we’re not talking about anything else in the world of technology. ChatGPT is now a media, social and true phenomenon.

ChatGPT, the first methods to save time and money –

It is talked about everywhere. In the field of sociology, one wonders where this unstoppable competition for the best Artificial Intelligence in the market, fueled by ChatGPT, will take us. In the economic field we stood especially for Microsoft, being ready to invest 10 billion to adopt OpenAI’s favorite child. In everyday life ChatGPT is widely used, now also in Italy after the white smoke for a kind of agreement between Sam Altman’s artificial intelligence research organization and Belpaese Trustee.

ChatGPT is everywhere now, except in schools, because anything goes, but using it to shorten reading is cheating. Yes, using it, for many, is very easy. just google to find that chatbot capable of solving many questions. As soon as you enter the official website, you need to register, or continue the events using the OpenAI smash-all program by entering your Google ID, without remembering other usernames and passwords.

Creating a good application is important

The gates of paradise are opened in the form of a screen where you can ask anything. One caveat must be said: the more accurate our requests, the more complete your responses will be. It’s a bit like googling, if you enter the magic words, everything will be easy and, above all, immediately. If research is its flagship. ChatGPT also knows how to plan, how?

ChatGPT, with its tricks runs social and Web –

He wants to ask calculator development with the Python language, that is, a programming language, object-oriented, suitable, among other uses, for developing distributed applications, scripting, numerical calculations and system testing? Just type directly at the bottom right, in seconds you will have all the tools, just to copy to create your own calculator.

It’s not just (out of) school, however, either at work ChatGPT is widely used. There are those who use it a lot at work and share their experiences on social networks. So you realize that the user has found all the competitors of his main customers, entering the details of their activities and their athec numbers: well, ChatGPT has found the list, changing it (on request) in table format: it was enough to copy it to Excel and voilĂ  the game is over. You save time and money, at least when it’s free.