two weight loss patents – – Dziennik Motoryzacyjny

two weight loss patents – – Dziennik Motoryzacyjny

The new Renault Megane E-Tech Electric is a treasure trove of new technology. The French brand used in the model, among others, two new solutions that allowed to get less weight of the car.

For almost 125 years, Renault has always been developing innovative solutions. They are with us until today, we use them every day and we don’t even realize it. Automatic gearbox (1899), automatic starter instead of a crank (1909), “fifth door” concept (1961), infrared remote control (“plip”) (1983), keyless entry system using buttons (2000) etc. innovation is done by Renault! The new electric Renault Megane E-Tech – the first model in the “New Wave” – ​​is also full of innovative solutions from the brand.

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300 patent applications

More than 300 patent applications have been filed as part of the design work on its model and platform! From these creations, we have selected seven that we will be presenting to you throughout the summer. In the first article, Hervé Maine, specialist in plastic injection molding for production engineering and prototyping for Renault models, will tell us about his contribution to increasing the electric range of the Megane E-Tech by reducing the weight of the tailgate.

Plastic boot covers, installed for many years in Renault models, help to reduce the weight of the car. It also contributes to improving the aesthetics of the interior and gives designers more freedom in designing the shape of the rear lights.

Simplify the Renault design

The Renault Megane E-Tech electric boot lid has more technical improvements to simplify its design. It’s all based on a new concept involving the use of new plastic injection technology, which allows you to resign from metal reinforcement and reduce the number of covering elements.

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The solution is the fruit of collaboration between product design, digital simulation and injection molding engineering. It was originally intended for the Renault model Eolab to reduce the car as much as possible and reduce fuel consumption to 1 l / 100 km!

The innovative solutions used in the New Megane E-Tech electric boot cover are mainly aimed at reducing the weight of the car and thus increasing its range for the benefit of the user. They have been the subject of two patent applications, which will apply to seven other Renault models, in particular New Renault Austral.

The plastic material associated with the innovative “water vein” technology forced us to redesign the boot covers. We have taken this challenge together to gain an advantage over the competition thanks to the New Mégane E-Tech Electric – explains Hervé Maine, Plastic Injection Molding Specialist in Production Engineering and Renault Model Prototypes

The benefits of creative solutions

The advantages compared to the previous generation of plastic boot covers are significant:

  • weight reduction by 4.1 kg / m2 (ie -20%), ie by 5 kg;
  • reduce the cost of the cover by several dozen euros;
  • increased hardness of the lid;
  • fewer components to install (25 fewer built-in components), simplifying the entire process.

new technology

The lid design was enhanced by the use of new Water Injection Molding technology. It consists of creating an “empty channel” in the body of the cover for water injection.

The channel created in this way acts as a reinforcing beam. The plastic removed in the water injection process is used in another cover, which reduces the use of raw materials.

Detailed information

Patent numbers:

  • Structure of the trunk lid:
    Patent nr FR3083484a – Author: Olivier Glaumot
  • Injection system:
    Patent nr FR2100795 – Authors: Hervé Maine, Jeremy Berluchon, Marty Castier, Olivier Glaumot

Press release: Renault Polska

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