Ukrainians choose increasingly fashionable cars for import.  the fee goes

Ukrainians choose increasingly fashionable cars for import. the fee goes

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Car Market Research Institute of Ukraine what changes have happened in the domestic market since the beginning of the year and how the tax exemption affected the age. cars. The data is based on the system (including car sales ads).

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At the beginning of the year, the average age of a car sold in Ukraine was 17.4 years, before the war it dropped to 16.5 years, and at the end of February it was 19 years.

In March, for obvious reasons, a large number of cars disappeared from the Ukrainian market, and many owners wanted to sell their cars as soon as possible and make money. However, the situation quickly stabilized and returned to the situation immediately before the war and the middle ages cars it was 16.5 years.

At the end of April, when the tax exemption was launched, the age increased to 17.3 years. According to IBRM of Ukraine, they claim that the influx of old cars from the west is the cause of this state of affairs. However, already in May, the average age began to decrease, and at the end of June it was 14.7 years. As you can see, the car import exemption has revived the Ukrainian market.

Used car imports – record high average age

According to experts, the average price used cars in our eastern neighbor, it dropped by 25 percent, or about $1,000. So they could buy a better car for the same money.

In June, 6 percent. cars sold are counted Volkswagen (average age decreased by 0.6 years). Cars with the VAZ logo dropped from 13.2 percent. up to 9.3 percent BMW was sold more for this (an increase of 31 percent was recorded).

It seems that 15-year-old Volkswagens are replacing 30-year-old VAZs.

However, the ongoing war, and thus the poverty of the Ukrainian society, may cause the citizens of this country to buy old cars. They will often choose those priced at 2-8 thousand. dollars.

The recovery of the market is also not conducive to the return of customs duties, which can significantly reduce car imports. According to experts, it is here that changes in the law should take place, which will make it easier for Ukrainians to import, and thus there will be more new cars on the domestic market.