under the wind of Neptune

under the wind of Neptune

Available from the start in the sporty version of the Trofeo, the compact SUV with the trident offers the V6 Nettuno with the turbulence of its big sister, the MC20. But precisely, who rides the wind …

Feeling of deja vu? No, not a bug in the Matrix. You have another SUV in front of your eyes that thinks it’s a sports car. That said, in its version of the Trofeo, Grecale by Maserati follows a recipe that has worked wonders before.

The Italian manufacturer had the same brilliant idea as many others before him; slide the engine of a supercar, or what is clearly close to it, under the hood of a station wagon to try to make it as smooth as possible. There was a BMW that gave birth M5 lineage by installing a 6 cylinder M1 in a series 5. Or a Renault that is equipped. His Espace F1 V10 from Williams FW15C… In fact, this may not be the best example.

To return to our Grecale, it takes, with a few modifications, the recent V6 Nettuno with a small bore. The main Trident vehicle, the MC20. A strong blowing block. Although for the occasion, it removes its dry sump lubrication and above all, it delivers 100 hp and more than 100 Nm, this “small” 3.0 biturbo still develops 530 hp and 620 Nm.

To say that it is lacking would be out of place. From 1,000 to 7,000 rpm, the impulse takes almost continuously. However, despite this relative not being suspicious of the government’s wishes, mechanics preserve sacred charms. Mainly thanks to his sonorous, masculine voice that inspires respect. The unity associated with the arrhythmia of its ignition, itself derived from the “V” arrangement of this cylinder 6 by 90 °.

The acoustic environment is also characterized by conduction. Although this is a simple shifter with a ZF automatic, it’s not the fastest robot shifter on the MC20, however its tight handling translates into a dry exhaust rip with every upshift. Powering, especially in Corsa driving mode, the most extreme of those offered and easily accessible from the wheel on the steering wheel.

None of these programs are fully customizable. But if in Alfa Romeo and Ferrari, a button, also on the steering wheel, makes it possible to lubricate the dirt independently. the discovery when it is a matter of providing on oil-rain, as during this test autumn in love, without leaving the aggression of the mechanics. The proportions of this beautiful child can be evaluated in various situations.

Sure to be confused with the possible roll then accepted by the air suspension, the front axle is difficult to fault. The rear, served by a limited slip differential, turns out to be a fun well. All-wheel drive proves its presence with reassuring efficiency, without compromising on some humor.

The compromise appeals to the control of a vehicle weighing more than two tonnes… It is sad that the management, with its fake stability and disappointing silence, gives so little faith. Noting that the winter tires of our article certainly emphasize this lack of originality.

If all the heads of the family are not happy to connect the school from the house through the doors, the youngest of Levante comes close. A longer-range GT than a sprint-hungry sports car.

Easy to handle despite the generous size, moderately comfortable to walk in relation to the level of performance, and practical with its rear seats more than can be found frequently with its large trunk, The Trofeo demonstrates the versatility promised by Grecale’s SUV status. A rewarding interior presentation, especially on our leather-wrapped sample board Rossomakes you want to extend the journey further.

A little bit of driving space, in any case you like to rest your buttocks close to the floor. The lack of seat adjustment amplitude is a little surprising for such a modern machine. But the bottom line in terms of ergonomics remains by far the second screen of the center console.

This 8.8-inch display includes climate controls, but also a large number of other functions (several), often without high visual standards. It’s hard to notice and handle at first, let alone while driving. Occasionally stops at the pump, installed with a tank of only 64 liters and especially for V6 desire hard to carry less than 15 l/100 km; there will be many opportunities to check the question in complete safety.

Our usual gentleness about Italian productions obviously compels us to regard these few causes of irritation as, not faults, but expressions of a thoroughly Latin charm.

Satisfying that is not enough to make people forget the price, which exceeds 115,000 €. Nor competition, often more athletic and precise, like BMW X3/X4 M or of the Porsche Macan still aging. Another German speech… Except that in the end, leading this Grecale, the hardest thing is still to get another Italian SUV out of your head: Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio. A car built on the same platform, cheaper (slightly) because, admittedly, luxury, but its different technical features combine well to result in a family that is more interesting to drive and less flexible.

Our decision

Grecale Trofeo does not have to be ashamed of its arguments. But its late arrival in the category certainly makes you hesitate in the face of already stiff competition.

We like

  • A flattering presentation
  • Driving behavior
  • Balance of play

We like a little

  • artificial operation
  • Questionable ergonomics
  • Improper use

Maserati Grecale Trofeo technical sheet


  • Tested version: €115,400
  • From €115,400
  • Manufacturer’s average consumption/time tested (l/100 km): 11.2/15.1
  • Co2/penalty: €254/40,000
  • Financial strength: nc
  • Country of manufacture: Italy

Range provided

  • Petrol from 300 to 530 hp, from €75,450 to €115,400


  • Engine: front longitudinal, twin-turbo V6, direct and indirect injection, 24 valves, variable chain timing, 2,992 cc3
  • Transmission: all-wheel drive, 8-speed automatic
  • Maximum power (hp at rpm): 530 at 6,500
  • Maximum torque (Nm at rpm): 620 at 3,000
  • Weight (kg): 2027
  • Long time. xx width above. (m): 4.86 x 1.98 x 1.66
  • Wheelbase (m): 2.90
  • Tank (l): 64
  • Top speed (km/h): 285
  • 0 to 100 km/h: 3”8
  • Standard tyres: AV 255/40 R21; AR 295/35 R21
  • Test tires: Pirelli Scorpion Winter


  • Width at front/back elbows (cm): 154/151
  • Rear leg room (cm): 76
  • Chest in 5(l):570


  • 360° camera: €1,008
  • Heated rear seats: €504
  • Electronic exterior mirrors: €204


  • Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio, from €103,750
  • Porsche Macan GTS, from €93,699
  • BMW X4 M Competition, from €117,500

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