Union fears ‘at the end of Opel brand’

Union fears ‘at the end of Opel brand’

The Christliche Gewerkschaft Metall coalition fears the end of Opel, now Stellantis wants to implement major changes in the German brand. The organization is witnessing such actions as the overthrow of Opel. The newspaper writes so Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ).

According to trade union spokespersons, developments such as Stellantis wants to implement are causing losses to Opel. In Eisenach, for example, Grandland production has been suspended until at least the end of the year for the Sochaux plant, France. In addition, the parent company wants to split the two factories from Opel GmbH, which will make it easier for the group to focus on the production of several brands. Plants in Rüsselsheim and Eisenach therefore become legally independent from Opel. According to the FAZ, IG Metall representatives at the Rüsselsheim Task Team reject this request and indicate that in the current situation Opels (Astra) and DSs (4) are already removing the same tire (Rüsselsheim).

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In addition, Stellantis has informed the development department that the section is moving to Morocco. The group gives its staff the opportunity to come together, otherwise ask elsewhere. The group has at least 3000 vacancies for Moroccan operations, FAZ reports.

Opel Insignia

Leave it alone

In the paper, Jörg Köhlinger, head of the IG Metall district where Opel’s facilities are located: ” Stellantis Group He must be aware that there is a great deal of conflict in the process of relocation and relocation plans. ” .

Such programs can have a detrimental effect on employee motivation. “It’s time for Stellantis to fulfill its responsibility to the Opel brand and finally restore stability after major reforms in recent years. And Opel needs its development board urgently again,” says Christliche spokeswoman Gewerkschaft Metall. He continues: “On the one hand, Stellantis uses the German short-term labor principle to best benefit its French factories. Stellantis, on the other hand, wants to evade representation of German workers.

Will the curtain eventually fall on the Opel factory in Germany?

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New and its predecessor

Part of Stellantis

Opel was acquired by PSA in 2017, having been owned by American General Motors since the 1920s. PSA merged with FCA earlier this year to form Stellantis. The automotive group also owns Fiat, Maserati, DS, Jeep, Peugeot, Citroën, Lancia, Alfa Romeo and Abarth brands, while Chrysler, Dodge and Ram are also in the United States.

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