UNUSUAL.  Robocop, Back to the future, Doctor… Cars used in the movies and series, coming to you soon?

UNUSUAL. Robocop, Back to the future, Doctor… Cars used in the movies and series, coming to you soon?

On Sunday March 5, three cars from the series and films Robocop, Back to the Future and Doctor Who will be auctioned. They were used for filming and will be sold in Reims.

Cinephiles, serivores or just car fans: this sale should please you. Around 70 collector cars are offered to buyers on March 5. Auctions must be held at the car museum in Reims (Marne). Of this group of cars, three of which were used in the production of films and series such as RobocopBack to the future and Doctor.

Prizes range from 300 to 70,000 euros“, notes Dominique Pagneux from the beginning. For an auction specialist, these cars are of special interest.They come from the stock of the production company MGM Universal. At the end of the 90s, this company was in financial trouble. It had to be taken over by Vivendi Universal and his boss at the time Jean-Marie Messier. So Vivendi sold these movie cars that they no longer used. About thirty cars were sold in France, including these three“, he adds.

Most of these three cars are from the 80s and 90s.Except for the Kaiser Jeep, whose serial number indicates that it rolled off the line in 1965, just before filming. Doctor in 1966. This is one of three cars produced for this series“, concludes the car lover. Dominique Pagneux considers this existing Jeep in the series “for 14,000 euros“.

If you like science fiction more than vets, you’ll probably like science fiction more. If you really think about it for Doc, for Marty McFly and for Delorean DMC-12, won! Unfortunately, the popular machine is not offered for sale. But the Ford Probe should please you, according to the auction expert: “It has been changed very little and painted, but in a gradient from white to blue. This car was featured in the background in Back to the Future 2. It’s a car passing by. It started in the 90s. This should be around 5,000 euros“.

This car is from the 90s, just like Robocop’s Chevrolet Camaro. Car from the movie released in 1987 it is also part of the lots sold at the beginning of March. “Completely replaced with a Plexiglas bubble. The hemisphere where the cockpit is placed. There is also a blood red interior“, explains Dominique Pagneux. With this modified machine, the organizers expect something “€6,500“.

Beyond the unusual nature of this sale, it is also a matter of visibility for the car museum in Reims (Marne). “We want to organize a real auction, with selected cars, once a year, to promote the museum“, explains Dominique Pagneux. A long-time friend of the director Didier Carayon, remembers the successful first edition, last year.We had put 91 lots up for sale, and 81 were sold. The sales result was close to 300,000 euros, so we thought it was a good idea to start anew.“, he remembers.

Cars will be on display in the courtyard of the museum and public appearance”Saturday March 4th in the morning and then Sunday March 5th in the morning“, notes Didier Carayon. The sale will take place this Sunday, at 2 p.m.