Unveiled New Saipa Cadila, Redesigned First-generation Dacia Logan

Unveiled New Saipa Cadila, Redesigned First-generation Dacia Logan

The inaugural iteration of the Dacia Logan persists beyond the European borderlands, having undergone an unforeseen update that debuts a remarkable exterior design amalgamating the archetypal configuration of the economical sedan with a dash of sportiness and dynamism.

Long since the Dacia Logan departed from Spanish dealerships. Dacia chose to close the order ledger in this market, drawing a close to the trade of their flame-retardant budget sedan in the primary markets of the European Union. Though still obtainable in certain countries like Romania, its continuity in the medium term is not a given.

The Logan has been a cornerstone upon which Dacia has been erected for years. A triumphant sales accomplishment that has even been retailed under the Renault marque outside European borders. And it is far from Europe where a matter related to the Logan transpires, which is, to put it mildly, remarkable. The first generation of the Dacia Logan is still in existence, and has just undergone an update!

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Saipa Cadila vs. Dacia Logan

The first generation of the Dacia Logan receives an update in Iran. The novel Saipa Cadila has been officially introduced in Iran. A model founded on the inaugural generation of the Logan. However, in comparison to the prior versions marketed by Iranian manufacturer Saipa, we are confronted with an exceedingly striking design. The new Cadila unites the lines and forms of the archetypal Logan with the features of a sprightly and juvenile sedan.

It is noteworthy that Renault was mandated to depart the Iranian market officially about half a decade ago, as part of international sanctions. Renault had collaborated with Saipa, who produced and vented the Tondar 90, a rebadged first-generation Logan. Following a few years of absence, Saipa declares “the return of the Logan” to Iranian dealerships. Unveiling the name, design, and mechanics.

Most of the aesthetic alterations are focused on the front. Furthermore, in the event that we compare the anterior portion of the inaugural Logan with that of the novel Saipa model, it would be challenging to detect similarities. The lateral view does expose the original essence of the Dacia sedan. At the rear, it presents new tail lamps arranged horizontally.

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The novel Saipa Cadila is endowed with a combustion engine powered by gasoline, the details of which shall be discussed presently. Alas, we are precluded from surveying the inner sanctum of the vehicle, notwithstanding, tidings have surfaced regarding its features. In comparison to its antecedent iteration, the newfangled Cadila introduces an innovative steering wheel, an instrument panel outfitted with a digital monitor, and a state-of-the-art multimedia system that incorporates a tactile display screen.

With regard to the mechanics, there are further novelties to be noted. Nestled within the engine compartment lies a recently developed 1.6-liter quad-cylinder gasoline engine, designated as ME16, that delivers a prodigious 115 horsepower and 147 Newton meters of maximum torque. This powertrain shall be available with both manual and automatic transmission systems.