up to 7 seats for a French SUV

up to 7 seats for a French SUV

After the highly anticipated presentation of the fourth generation C3, Citroën is back again with this new version of the Aircross available in 7 seats.

Citroën is doing well at the moment with models at good prices. This is for example the case of the new C3, available for less than 15,000 euros in the fuel version and from 23,300 euros, excluding the ecological bonus, in the electric version. And not surprisingly, its family variant, the C3 Aircross today released by Citroën, should also hurt the competition with an unbeatable price.

At present, information is still very rare, Citroën has just revealed pictures of its new C3 Aircross. Technical description and interior photos will come a little later.

Smallest car with 7 seats?

Not surprisingly, the new C3 Aircross takes codes and lines you fancy car Oli which also led the C3 slightly. Just like the concept, the front panel gives pride of place to the rectangular shapes. We also get a new brand logo in the middle of the grille. According to the specifications, C3 Aircross claims Height 4.39 meters, which is still 38 cm compared to the C3. It is also 23 centimeters longer than the current C3 Aircross.
Obviously, these few extra centimeters benefit the interior. Even if the details are not yet known, we already know that this model will be available en version 7 areas. It remains to be seen whether these will be regular or optional. We imagine that the dashboard will be completely carried over from the C3 we know.
Above all, remember that the Citroën C3/C3 Aircross duo was made for India. The development was also given to an engineering company owned by the Tata giant, and even if the car has been brought to European standards, especially in terms of safetythis car was created for the first time for an emerging country.

What are the engines of the Citroen C3 Aircross?

Under the hood, it should be a copy/paste of what is provided on C3. Therefore, the C3 Aircross definitely receives the “Smart Car” platform of the C3, and we can also imagine that the SUV will be available in electric mode with the same engine. 113 chapters and maybe the same battery 44 kWh. This should give approx 310 km of freedom. The car should also be available in petrol and hybrid models with a 1.2-litre PureTech three-cylinder as the base.
Prices have yet to be announced, but Citroën is already promoting them as “competitive”. The brand also promises production in Europe, possibly in Trnava, Slovakia, with the new C3. The electric version will therefore be eligible for an ecological bonus in France.

This Dacia Jogger and Duster competitor will arrive “in the summer” according to the company with chevrons, while the technical information will be known next June.