US RDW: ‘Tesla misleading customers with ridiculous claims about Autopilot’

US RDW: ‘Tesla misleading customers with ridiculous claims about Autopilot’

The US RDW, Department of Motor Vehicles, is slow minded. Because the organization is now only coming up with objections in that way Tesla it touches on its Autopilot and Full Self-Driving systems. US electric car makers mislead customers and overpromise, according to DMV.

Tesla has been accused of fraud for years. The names Autopilot and Full Self-Driving suggest much more than the systems can deliver. Autopilot is a collection of autonomous driving assistants, like many other manufacturers have. Full Private Driving is an option for 12,000 euros, which you can order on Example 3, Model Y, Example S and Model X. In the fine print below it says that Full Autopilot is not autopilot at all. You are essentially buying a promise that your car can operate independently one day in the future. In the US, Tesla has launched a Beta version of Full Self-Driving on a limited number of vehicles. To say the least, the system doesn’t work very well.

DMV threatens to revoke Tesla’s California license

California’s DMV previously complained about Tesla’s misleading ads, but now the agency is taking it a step further. The terms Autopilot and Full Self-Driving Capability indicate that equipped vehicles can operate autonomously, the DMV said in two formal complaints, but they cannot. It probably won’t come to that, but the DMV is threatening to revoke Tesla’s license to make cars if the company doesn’t fix its advertising and marketing. Tesla has 15 days to respond to the DMV complaint.

Tesla’s Response to DMV: Fully Self-Driving Will Never Be Autonomous

Early last year, Tesla’s responses to questions from the DMV became public. And the documents raised quite a few questions. What is in the text is completely different from what Tesla and CEO Elon Musk claim in public. Tesla writes that Full Self-Driving will never progress beyond Level 2 autonomy. In other words: Full Autonomy will have no autonomy (Level 4/5). So basically the company is just admitting that the marketing around its systems is misleading.