Used car sales.  Toyota is expanding the Some Auto program to more showrooms

Used car sales. Toyota is expanding the Some Auto program to more showrooms

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Toyota, like other manufacturers, has created its own program for the sale of used cars – Some Auto. It is aimed at drivers who want to buy a used car with warranty, history and good condition.

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We review the Toyota Corolla station wagon

Toyota is constantly expanding its network of Toyota Certain Auto dealers – this year it is connected to three points. So far, a new authorized showroom in Bydgoszcz and a new Toyota Professional center in Bełchatów have been opened, as well as car sales departments from the main market. In addition, a new Toyota showroom in Poznań, also with a used car department, will join the network at the end of the year. In total, this year, used cars will be available for purchase at 78 types of Toyota dealerships.

In the first six months of this year, 11,170 cars were sold under the Certain Auto program, 76 percent of which were Toyota cars (the program also sells cars from other manufacturers).

These cars were imported by Poles many times in the first half of 2022. REPORT

The most frequently chosen model was the Corolla – 2,134 used cars left Toyota showrooms. Yarisy also enjoyed great interest as they found 1,976 new owners. Polish drivers are also eager to get their hands on Auris – for six months, 1,094 copies of the previous Corolla with a Hatchback and TS Kombi body were delivered to customers. Many buyers are also interested in used copies of the Toyota C-HR – 957 copies of the crossover were sold in a certain Auto program.

The share of hybrids in the total sales of used cars of all brands in the program was 31% in the first half of 2022. Almost half of all Corollas (1,050 copies) and more than 80% of all Corollas. The Toyota C-HR (770 cars) had a hybrid, as did 457 RAV4s, 450 Yaris and 388 Auris.

Certain Auto software covers all Toyota showrooms and Toyota Professional commercial vehicle centers. Gradually, the network is also being expanded with different showrooms of Toyota Pewne Auto – so far, centers of this type have been established in Warsaw, Józefów, Kraków and Nowy Targ. The program includes, among others, post-lease cars, show cars from dealers and vehicles left at residences with written history.