Used Dacia Sandero III – reviews, technical data, faults

Used Dacia Sandero III – reviews, technical data, faults

Dacia Sandero is an economical, comfortable and well-equipped car. However, does the spartan finish, hard plastic and lack of creative solutions mean that it is not worth considering? What do you think about the third generation Dacia Sandero?

Dacia Sandero – almost every driver who is interested in the automotive industry knows what this name means. In fact, many people think so it is a budget car, poorly executed and completely pointless, but the truth is quite the opposite. Currently produced Sandero, the third generation is still a cheap and convenient car, but containing the most important items, and well-equipped, it can be a comfortable solution for the city and for frequent trips over long distances. It is not sporty, attractive, beautiful or elegant, but gives the driver what matters most. Air conditioning, basic sound system, optional heated seats, Android Auto-connected system, affordable engine and LPG versions and automatic gearbox. You don’t need more to travel economy.

Dacia Sandero III - rear
For those who want more confidence on rough roads, the Stepway model offers higher ground clearance and more interaction.

Used Dacia Sandero III – dimensions, body

Dacia has never been a brand whose aim was to impress its design. Romanian cars have always had a reputation for modesty, economic in form and not to appear excessive, which was not seen. They were just average. Is the third generation still offered Dacia Sandero also average? truth, we can’t expect interesting fashion features here nor interesting solutions that will please passers-by. However, to describe this model as average would be unfair. Nothing worse! The latest Sandero looks really cool – and that’s probably the best word to describe his look. Of course, I am personally more convinced by the style of the Logan, but I must admit that the Sandero gains thanks to practical solutions, such as a fully opening rear gate. However, it is enough to avoid basic (by the way, useless) that there is no trace of colorless bumpers, glass houses, door handles or metal rims and hubcaps. Gone are the days when such things were commonplace. Sandero looks really good now. Of course, the wheel arches can accommodate bigger and more attractive rims, and the parking sensors can be painted in body color, but apart from these small details, it is difficult to expect anything more. The front grille has beautiful lines that work well with the LED signature, and the taillights also look great. The silhouette of the car is quite small and elegant. Regarding the measurements, The Sandero measures 4,088 mm in length, 1,848 mm in width and 1,499 mm in height. The wheelbase is 2604 mm.

Dacia Sandero III - front
A small rear end lift made a difference especially in the front end. The brand logo has also changed.

Used Dacia Sandero III – interior, trunk

The interior design is simple, but like the exterior, beautiful and solid. In many places, materials with interesting textures were used, making the interior calm. The traditional climate control panel familiar from Renault models and the default option buttons are definitely there and familiar to anyone who has ever interacted with French cars. In the top version there is an infotainment system with a large display that allows (wireless!) Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support. This is an option that we won’t even find in some high-end cars! A practical addition is a smartphone holder placed next to the screen, although it can be a little lower and made of a slightly harder material – a heavy smartphone holds firmly, but the handle moves and bends, etc. Underneath is the USB charging port – a well thought out place!

The car offers a lot of space, and the trunk is big 328 liters it does not disappoint in terms of spaciousness. After folding the backrests of the sofa, we get up 1108 litersalthough you can not expect a flat floor or practical equipment – these savings had to be found somewhere. The comfort of traveling is the same, but let’s not demand too much – there is hard plastic practically everywhere, soundproofing is very poor (or non-existent), and we can count on comfort-enhancing devices only in the top models. There we will find, for example. armrest or automatic air conditioning. It is worth considering such types, because they will not be more expensive in terms of price, and in the long run the operation will be better.

Used Dacia Sandero III – engine

Only one engine was assigned to power the Dacia Sandero 1.0 TCE in several versions. There is a 90 hp variant with a manual or automatic CVT gearbox, as well as a 110 hp version, but only with a manual transmission. For those who are economical, there is also a 100 HP version with LPG factory installation. Reserves have been prepared for the most die-hard fans 65 hp version of the 1.0 Sce. A car with such a drive is slow, heavy and not always economical, but the advantage is simple construction and cheap operation. An interesting fact is the recently released version with a CVT automatic transmission. The benefits?

Dacia Sandero III - engine
The 1.0 TCe engine has no faults with performance or dynamics, but it is economical and works well in this car.

Comfort in the city with such a solution is very important, you can’t complain about the dynamics either – everything is at a satisfactory level. Of course, acceleration on the road (overtaking, for example, a truck) is associated with the “crying” of the engine, but in normal driving it does not bother at all. However, the power of 90 hp and torque of 142 Nm is enough for efficient driving. Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h takes 13.4 seconds and the top speed is 169 km/h. About the city car – enough. Average fuel consumption – 5.6 l/100 km. In the LPG version and installation, the range on two full tanks is more than 1000 km.

Dacia Sandero III - LPG
The LPG installation allows great savings and … great range on two full tanks.

Used Dacia Sandero III – user reviews


“Spacious enough for a small family.”

“Agile, competent and satisfying power around town, even with the CVT.”

“Very low fuel consumption and a range of over 1,000 km in the LPG version.”

“Good price even for the top configured units.”


“Some people can be put off by poor materials and finishes.”

“A weak foundation and construction does not give much…”.

“A body at high speed makes a lot of noise.”

“Not stable at high speeds, Euro NCAP score is poor too (2/5 stars).”

Used Dacia Sandero III – failure rate, common faults

Overall, the Sandero is a smart little car and it’s new, it should be in good condition. Let’s avoid very tired articles, because we will pay less for well-maintained ones. Also, check the interior for signs of wear and the rims for curb damage. The tires are of high quality, but it is worth looking down to see if they have “bumps” inside. Far from very poor quality materials in the interior and average working culture of the car unit (besides that – bad sound blocking), it’s hard to have any complaints about this car. It’s simple, easy to make, and the parts are cheap. This is one of the best options when it comes to low maintenance cars.

Dacia Sandero III - smartphone owner
Some ideas are good, but their implementation is not necessary – the handle is too strong.

Used Dacia Sandero III – where is the VIN number?

The VIN number on the Dacia Sandero III model is behind the windshield in the lower left corner and on the sticker on the right B pillar.

Dacia Sandero III - VIN

Used Dacia Sandero III – market condition, price

On the day of publication, about 60 ads about Dacia Sandero III were posted on the website. For example, a model from 2021 with a mileage of 80,000 km costs about PLN 55,000.. For about PLN 70,000, you can get a 2022 model in the Stepway LPG version with a mileage of 10,000 km.

Used Dacia Sandero III – overview

It is difficult to attribute any serious claims to Dacia Sandero. The car is ordinary, it drives average and has poor sound insulation, but it has a good price, even after the high level of modification. In addition, Sandero is economical, with CVT gearbox and/or LPG installationand it is also action and space. Dacia Sandero is almost unbeatable in this segment.

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Dacia Sandero III - side

Dacia Sandero III – specifications, boot capacity
height width height 408/184/149 cm
The base of the wheels 260 cm
Stem capacity 328-1108 l
Dacia Sandero III – technical data, performance (selected petrol engines)
Engine 1.0 Sce 1.0TCe 1.0TCe LPG
Ability 999cc 999cc 999cc
Oil gasoline gasoline, turbo petrol + LPG
strength 65KM 90 KM 100KM
torque 95 Nm 160Nm 170 Nm
Acceleration 0-100 km/h 16.7 seconds 11.7 seconds 11.6 seconds
speed 158 km/h 178 km/h 183 km/h
Wednesday. fuel consumption 4.8L/100km 5.2L/100km 5.5L/100km

Used Dacia Sandero III – gallery