Used EV for 10,000 euros, does it make sense to buy it?

Used EV for 10,000 euros, does it make sense to buy it?

Used EV for 10,000 euros, does it make sense to buy it? Claudio, a reader, finds several on a special site and would use it as a second car. Electric kettle he answers. We remind you that your questions should be sent to

Could a used EV for 10,000 euros be good for those who only do a few kilometers?

“FYou may have already received this question but I have not been able to find an article about it. Looking up 24 motor exercises I happened to see several electric cars used in the last few years (2014-2017). Exactly Nissan Leaf And Renault Zoe, at a very attractive price, even less €10,000. Some have a formula of rental battery. Looking for a small car that you can use to travel from home to work, it seems to me that they can be the best option. Especially if I keep mine Opel Corsa on LPG for long journeys and for frequent use. What I’m wondering is whether, with the advances of recent years especially in batteries, it may still make sense take a car that was definitely more ‘unripe’. despite cheap prices, or if they exist obvious contraindications. Thank you“. Claudius Bacchiani

It makes sense, but only under these circumstances

Answer. In fact, we have answered this question several times, almost always in response to readers who like the two models (Leaf and Zoe) that they ruled the first step of an electric car. At the same time, supply has increased and there is greater freedom of choice. From renault city car, for example, above mentioned 24 motor exercises was sold 170 samples, today we are for 266 versions. Is it worth looking at cars with this age? The answer may be in the affirmative if indeed the distance covered each day is short and feasible add AC easily, at home or at work. Given the fact that cars of that generation recharge slowly alternating current, and long. Unlike the latest Zoe, which also charges DC up to 50 kW. As we always repeat, it is still necessary to apply one battery health certificate, understand the actual independence of the residue. Previously Zoe mentioned by Claudio had approx 150 km of the real variety: just check carefully what you buy and whether it is enough for us.