Used Mazda 3 (2013-2018).  Find out about its advantages and disadvantages

Used Mazda 3 (2013-2018). Find out about its advantages and disadvantages

Used Mazda 3 has undoubted advantages. It is reliable, well equipped and has a very spacious body. The downside is that it is a very expensive varnish with a very expensive service, which you need to use practically only during regular inspections.

Contrary to what other manufacturers suggest, Mazda has not decided to downsize its engines. For this reason, the original two-liter gasoline engines with power from 100 to 165 HP were available in “three”. The offer also included two diesels – 1.5 liter with 105 HP and 2.2 liter producing 150 HP. In imported copies, you can also find a 2.5-liter gasoline engine, which is known from the Mazda 6 and CX-5, but such cars are marginal.

As it turns out, even after long mileage, the most popular two-liter pumps work very well. There are no reports of major damage. They are not engines that guarantee sports performance, but they should be appreciated for their high working culture and low fuel consumption. More than 6 l / 100 km on the highway and about 8 l / 100 km in the city are results that can be achieved without much effort. The most powerful version of this bike deserves special attention, as it runs to “hundreds” in more than 8 seconds with 165 HP of power. This may not be the performance worthy of a hot hatch, but for smooth driving on the road, such results are enough.

From a used car perspective, the sense of buying a Mazda 3 with a diesel engine is very limited. First of all, “petrol” burners do not burn more and are reliable. Second, most diesels available have high mileage, which means equipment maintenance is imminent. In the case of Mazda, there is no need to calculate the “trade” price of parts and services, so it is better to stick to gasoline engines. Features are for the work of gearboxes. The manual works “in Japanese” with short jumps and a pleasant “click” when shifting into gear. Directly have a classic, hydrokinetic design. It ensures smooth operation of the dual-clutch gearbox. This water perfectly matches the character of the car. Both types of transmission have 6 gears.