Used Smart Fortwo II (2007-2014)

Used Smart Fortwo II (2007-2014)

Common sense suggests choosing a car for at least 4 people instead of a Smart. Meanwhile, the small German car has a lot to offer, but… at the right price. Here are reviews of the used Smarta Fortwo II.

22 years have passed since the introduction of the 2.5 meter long, two-seater Smart Fortwo. In 2007, the time has come for the second generation: visually very similar, but completely new from a technical point of view. In terms of portability, the Smart Fortwo II is not as impressive as its predecessor. Grown to 19 cm (up to 2.7 m) and behind the wheel, there is no possibility of doing the famous parking maneuver between the cars that were parked in parallel. Thank you increase the wheelbase by 6 cm On the other hand, the driving characteristics and stability of this small car have been improved, and more space has been found for two more passengers. Smart has therefore become universal, even allowing short journeys outside the city via fast routes. For such a niche (at least on the Polish market) a recommendation Smart customers had many choices when it came to engines. The weakest gasoline types are enough for the city, while the fuel consumption is enough for the size of the car is provided by only a small turbodiesel (0.8 cm³). In 2012, even an electric version (Smart Fortwo ED) with a declared range of 145 kilometers made its debut.

Smart Fortwo II
The body of the Smart has replaceable plastic panels. The material that was made returns to its original state with small dents. The turning circle is better 8.8 m!

In Poland, the Smart was perceived as a device better than a real everyday car, which is why its popularity in advertising is moderate. Should you be interested in this trend with more price drops? Will the operation be cheaper after the purchase? Here are the reviews of owners of used Fortwo II smartphones.

Smart Fortwo II
Smart provides the highest level of passenger safety with the indestructible Tridion safety cage. In Euro NCAP studies, it received 4 out of 5 possible stars.

Used Smart Fortwo II – interior

From the very beginning, Smart surprised us with the unusual design of the cockpit. In the second generation, a screen appeared in the middle, showing, among others, navigation signs (in rich versions). The car was placed slightly higher than its most famous competitors (Smart belongs to Daimler), therefore the board is made of pleasant and durable materials: some versions (Brabus) even used a leather substitute.. The lack of equipment is a little surprising. Some Smarts don’t even have a … closed glove box in front of the passenger, just an open recess.

Smart didn’t try to force the Fortwo into a 4-seater, as it did with the Toyota iQ, for example. Maybe that’s good, because these are two people are traveling in very good condition: they have a lot of space in each area and a wide range of seat movements. Getting in and out is made easy by the large door. It is directly behind the seats Standard size 220 liter luggage compartment. Tidy was taken care of by creating a large storage area at the bottom of the tailgate. The Smart Cabrio has space for manually removable roof panels.

Used Smart Fortwo II – engine

The type of engine depends on two engines: 1.0 petrol and 0.8 turbo diesel. The different power versions are due to changes made to the hardware and electrical settings. The basic petroleum unit produces 61 and 71 hp. Smart provided the possibility to compare them with the system ed (micro hybrid drive), that is nothing but … start and stop with battery charging function while braking. With the addition of a turbocharger, the power increased to 84 KM or 98/102 KM in higher Brabus models. Smarty cdi diesel generate 45 or 54 hp and have a maximum speed limit of 135 km / h (petrol: 145 km / h or 155 km / h for Brabus). All engines were connected by 5-speed automatic box. It came in two forms: Softrip (semi-automatic with manual gear selection and automatic downshift) i Softtouch (possibility of choosing a “full” or semi-automatic machine).

Smart ForTwo II engine
Engine access: only through a hinged hatch under the boot floor. In Smarta, the drive is transferred to the rear wheels. The Optimum is a one-liter petrol version with a turbocharger (84 HP): in a car weighing 825-945 kg, that’s something.
Smart ForTwo II engine
The small turbo diesel also has 3 cylinders and is not very convincing with its performance culture. It scores, however, with fuel consumption within the limits of 5 l / 100 km around the city.

Used Smart Fortwo II – user reviews


“I have to praise the operation of the air conditioning – it cools the interior of the Smart very quickly”

“Great ease of parking. This car will fit into every corner”

“A car with two seats, but the space is the same as that of a small car”

“My Smart has 84 KM and many big cars are embarrassed by the lights”


“The culture of driving a 3-cylinder engine leaves much to be desired. There are also unbearable vibrations”

“The best handling up to 80 km / h. Above this speed, the car jumps up and makes noise on the road “

“The box works very numb. It can’t keep up with the current road conditions”

Used Smart Fortwo II – failure rate, common faults

Smart has a lot in common with Mercedes (both brands are owned by Daimler AG), so it is difficult to calculate the costs of service and repair at the level of urban models of popular manufacturers. Fortunately, there are more and more websites specializing in this brand. Key features of 2-person Smarts include: clutch (cost about PLN 1,000), EGR valves in diesel engines or heads on turbocharged gasoline engines: the end of aggressive driving burnt gasket under the head. Durability is average front suspension springs. Let’s take a look at the slimmed-down Smarty 0.8 cdibecause there are known cases of necessity make major repairs to these engines and mileage exceeding 200 thousand. e.g. Given the lackluster nature of its predecessor, the Smart has done its homework on reliability.

Bonnet of the Smart ForTwo II
By removing the mask, we get access to the basic operating water tanks.

Used Smart Fortwo II – where is the VIN number?

The VIN is stamped under the boot floor carpet near the engine hatch hinges. A sticker with the VIN number can be seen after opening the passenger side door, on the right side pillar.

Smart Fortwo II VIN number

Used Smart Fortwo II – market condition, price

Smarty Fortwo II dropped to about 12 thousand. zlotys. Not after major collisions, but the pictures already show a lot of scratches or dents. Good-looking articles cost about 15-20 thousand. zlotys, while the upper limit of the amount of “regular” Fortwo is about 25 thousand. zlotys. Brabuses and electric only Smarty EDs are more expensive. It’s getting harder and harder to find a Smart with a diesel engine or a retractable roof.

Used Smart Fortwo II – overview

If one doesn’t need a 4-seater, the Smart is worth considering: it’s spacious and useful in the city, although it’s fuel-efficient and expensive to manufacture for its size. In fact, used Smarts often go to brand lovers who don’t mind their limited functionality. Let’s look for powerful and equipped cars: they will lose less and less value!

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Smart Fortwo II

Smart Fortwo II – specifications, boot capacity
Height width height 270/156/154 cm
The base of the wheels 187 centimeters
Cargo compartment capacity 220 l
Smart Fortwo II – technical data, performance, fuel consumption (petrol engines)
Engine 1.0 1.0 1.0 1.0 (Brabus) 1.0 (Brabus)
Ability 999 cm³ 999 cm³ 999 cm³ 999 cm³ 999 cm³
Oil Benz. Benz. benz., turbo benz., turbo benz., turbo
Strong 61 KM 71 KM 84 KM 98 KM 102 KM
Torque 89 Nm 92 Nm 120 Nm 140 Nm 147 Nm
Acceleration 0-100 km / h 16.7 s 13.3 seconds 10.7 seconds 9.9 seconds 8.9 seconds
Speed 145 km / h 145 km / h 145 km / h 155 km / h 155 km / h
Wednesday fuel consumption 4.7 l / 100 km 4.8 l / 100 km 4.9 l / 100 km 5.4 l / 100 km 5.2 l / 100 km
Smart Fortwo II – technical data, performance, fuel consumption (other engines)
Engine 0.8 cdi 0.8 cdi Smart ED Smart ED Brabus
Transfer / battery capacity 799 cm³ 799 cm³ 17.6 kWh 17.6 kWh
Oil turbodiesel turbodiesel electricity electricity
Strong 45 KM 54 KM 75 hp 82 KM
Torque 110 Nm 130 Nm 130 Nm 135 Nm
Acceleration 0-100 km / h 19.8 seconds 16.8 p 11.5 seconds 10.2 s
Speed 135 km / h 135 km / h 125 km / h 130 km / h
Wednesday fuel consumption / energy 3.3 l / 100 km 3.3 l / 100 km 15.1 kWh / 100 km 16.3 kWh / 100 km

Smart Fortwo II used – gallery