Used SUV comparison: Hyundai Tucson and Opel Grandland

Used SUV comparison: Hyundai Tucson and Opel Grandland

What’s fashionable is expensive – at least that was the case with SUVs used this side of the Cayenne depreciation class for a long time. This rule of thumb is even more true when the vehicles involved are also very practical. Best sellers like the VW Tiguan and its platform siblings are similar in price, utility and fan base to expensive automatic kitchen mixers – you know, the dated dip. But aren’t there really affordable alternatives? Yes, and now they are coming into the used age at affordable prices.

Hyundai Tucson (3rd generation, TL type, 2015-2020) in detail

The Tucson is a welcome newcomer in the used department. Not without reason, because the Korean built in Slovakia is an exemplary student. In modern times it has achieved solid test results and as a used car it has an impeccable reputation even after years. Common second-hand phrases such as “you have to pay attention to this” are largely eliminated, as Hyundai has addressed potential sources of fault within the factory’s five-year warranty before owner dissatisfaction. And character wise? It would be wrong to compare it only with the indestructible models of Toyota from the past. Because where durability once had to be bought for a certain amount of fatigue, the Tucson appeals. Even after the release of its future successor, it still looks clean, it boasts not only the qualities of comfort in the cockpit, but also interesting equipment and modern technology and, on top of that, its driving behavior is very well organized. Here he is not a sports player, but a travel companion who cares about comfort. Good this way.

Hyundai Tucson 2.0 CRDi, Exterior

Max Balazs

Long trips are his specialty. Spacious and comfortable, Tucson prefers to feed by kilometers. It’s still easy, but not very fast.

Powers of Tucson

Let’s first get rid of a bunch of trump cards that make the Tucson so attractive to car enthusiasts. If the car is part of the household, space is most important. This is available in Tucson – not only as a sandbox for children’s seats and their residents, but especially for four tall people who want to feel comfortable on a long trip. The same goes for the 513 to 1,503 liters you can store as luggage in the trunk. Take a look. Get inside. There’s also plenty of space up front and a high level of comfort thanks to the very comfortable seats and a ridiculously smooth ride.

Many people may suspect that those of us who test cars aggressively often complain about operation, although in real life it can be understood after 1 to 2 weeks of personal ownership at the very least, even if it is difficult. That’s right, only Hyundai arranges the steering wheel buttons, touch screen, and good old physical buttons in such a logical way that any memorization may be unnecessary. If things have to happen quickly, this can be important for safety.

Tucson’s weakness

The Tucson has no real Achilles heel. Accordingly, apart from prior careful ownership, there are no unconditional conditions that must be met when buying used. There were a few mistakes when the Tucson was new that exceeded the isolated case. However, these were removed as part of the warranty and eventually as a fix in production. This refers to early diesel models with faulty suppressors, as well as frequent leaks in the main fuse box, which can cause frequent electrical failures. At first it must be repaired for almost all the models involved, even today it is rare to find a car with a moisture effect in the fuse box – you can check this yourself easily, and every Hyundai workshop knows it. The same applies to dirt, which can penetrate the mechanisms of the door handles and make them difficult to move or even cause a jam. Cleansing and moisturizing helps. The last possible defect: rust around the rear door sills. Don’t worry, the Tucson is generally well-protected against rust, but if sand debris is constantly rubbing between the two door rubbers and the painted sheet, the best rust protection won’t help. Look and be clean.

Opel Grandland/Grandland X (1st generation/Type A, since 2017) in detail

Grandland – until its facelift in 2017 still had a bold X as a suffix – had a tough time at first. Directly after its younger brother, the Crossland On the same platform as the Peugeot 3008/5008 or the Citroën C5 Aircross, the aim was to create an authentic Opel that drove and felt the way buyers loyal to the brand were used to. And that worked in many respects. Lightweight, comfortable to sit on and clean chassis setup, the Grandland has already won three important and prestigious Opel awards. Anyone who fears the quirks of French operation in the interior can also breathe a sigh of relief. Everything here is the same as in the past, but it is designed with a wonderful skill.

Opel Grandland X 2.0 D, Exterior

Max Balazs

Opel Grandland is designed to be more complete than Hyundai. In addition to the high level of travel comfort, there is also good balance maintenance.

Grandland Powers

The aforementioned challenge of achieving a single goal immediately after the PSA takeover may have required special attention when setting up the technology. The chassis is as comfortable as the Tucson’s, but lighter and more responsive. This is not necessary in a family SUV, but it shows the pride of the developer. The drivers are also flawless. Especially with a successful automatic torque converter, there is a combination of economy, precise power distribution and economical gear ratios. Grandland is more economical than Tucson. As in the Tucson, there is a well-developed all-wheel drive for the more powerful versions, and unlike the Tucson (only its successor can do that), there is even a plug-in hybrid version available, which is one of the most. Expensive versions of Grandland on the used market, but therefore at least 50 kilometers of good electric range is possible. If there is no hybrid battery that steals the trunk of about 100 liters, the Grandland even offers a hair’s breadth of additional storage space.

Grandland’s weakness

The nature of the component parts only looks bad with a small basic gasoline engine, especially if a manual transmission is installed. No matter how hard Opel tried, they could not eliminate the inefficiency of the French gearbox. Together with the very strong performance curve of the small 1.2-liter turbo cylinder, the result is an uneven ride on a wave of torque, which does not seem to connect quite confidently with the idea of ​​a mid-sized SUV. What’s worse is that this engine actually has an Achilles’ heel: the timing belt runs in an oil bath and literally reacts when it comes into contact with engine oil that doesn’t exactly meet PSA B71 2312 specifications. Then the rubber particles are released as abrasion and in the middle block the suction of the oil pump, where the unit dies due to lack of lubrication. If you want one, you should not only choose the automatic version, but also carefully check the maintenance history and use only the right products to add a small amount of oil.

Opel Grandland X 2.0 D, interior

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We would now have to disassemble the pedal rubbers and window switches to find the PSA connections. The cockpit is Opel through and through and well made. Only small flaw: the infotainment can crash from time to time.

And otherwise? Well, as you get older, you notice little things here and there that have to do with flawless craftsmanship. Noises heard inside the interior or small rust spots where body parts don’t touch properly (especially along the edges of the bumpers). However, both of these happen rarely and do not represent a financial loss More annoying: Every now and then the infotainment systems crash, which is not bad to use but not close to Hyundai’s systems.

Comparison shopping: which one should I choose?

So what will happen? The question of whether petrol or diesel should be answered primarily by your driving profile. We are here to advise you that it does not always have to be an all-wheel drive version. The off-road ability of two family cars is negligible, and in normal driving the traction of the front-wheel drive versions is quite adequate. This saves on the purchase price and usage. Speaking of prices: There are currently a good 5,000 Grandlands online – a huge selection. In good condition and less than 100,000 km, it starts around 13,500 euros. Then an economical and adequate diesel with a power of 1.5 liters and 130 hp is standard on board, as well as a turbo 1.2, which is not very useful. There are only about 1,700 Tucson examples. The best and cheapest versions out there are around 15,000 euros and have a reliable but somewhat dull petrol engine with 132 hp.

Hyundai Tucson 2.0 CRDi, Opel Grandland X 2.0 D, Ex

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When it comes to facts and figures, both SUVs are equally recommended as used cars. We recommend a touch more powerful than in the basic version – for reasons that change and block the three cylinders on the Opel. Everything else is up to your taste.

In short: a well-made and practical Opel is a little cheaper, but has a few weaknesses here and there, which hardly stand in the way of the car’s longevity. Hyundai is rarer, more sought after, more expensive and ultimately more premium, but you also have to pay for it. If we add a little power and elements, the same effect increases.

If you still need a hint of class, the Tucson will usually offer more luxurious equipment. Heated rear seats are not uncommon here and leather seats and panoramic roofs also seem to be marked more often by original Hyundai owners. If towing trailers is a part of your life, both can be a little scary: the Tucson tows up to 1,900 kg (manual) or even 2,200 (automatic), while the Opel, like the 180-hp petrol engine, can tow up to 1,600. kg.

Opel.Hyundai Park

Once again, it’s not an easy conclusion to make, as both look good as used cars and can be highly recommended purchases. Fortunately, the two rivals differ slightly in their character, their driving habits and their sense of space. It’s best to visit both, take a ride and then decide honestly and based on your gut feeling. Now we have reduced you in meditation.