Used Volvo XC90 II (2014-present).  Find out about its advantages and disadvantages

Used Volvo XC90 II (2014-present). Find out about its advantages and disadvantages

It is difficult to find a better family car in the segment of large SUVs. If one’s priority is not only on comfort and space, but also on safety, the Volvo XC90 will be the perfect choice. It is not sporty, aggressive and not a good material to show off in the city, it also does not surprise with impressive engines and performance, but it proves comfort and an undoubted, timeless character.

There are many versions on the secondary market and at the time of publication there were more than 350 of them on the popular classifieds site. Price? Very different. For example, a 2015 model with a mileage of 185,000 km in the Momentum 7-seater version with a 2.0 D5 engine costs about PLN 130,000. For a copy with the same equipment from 2019 with a mileage of 40,000 km, you have to pay almost twice – 250,000 zlotys.

Used Volvo XC90 II Pros:

  • timeless and yet beautiful design;
  • very good equipment even in basic versions;
  • very good equipment and a great finish of the interior;
  • a lot of space and high travel comfort (with small rims);
  • very high level of security.

Cons of the used Volvo XC90 II:

  • power units of only 2 liters;
  • for some, too low, respectable behavior;
  • higher prices for well-maintained and furnished units.

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