Utility crews cut NH outages to below 5,000

Utility crews cut NH outages to below 5,000

Utility personnel have decreased the total number of outages in New Hampshire to fewer than 5,000, a considerable decline from the previous day’s report.

Officials reported that the number of customers without power had dropped to 4,993 by Wednesday afternoon, a significant decrease from the 24,000-plus initial outages that occurred after a heavy snowstorm swept across the state Tuesday.

The majority of outages occurred in the southeastern part of the state, where the storm brought down power lines, toppled trees and blocked roads.

The state’s electric utilities, including the New Hampshire Electric Co-op and Eversource, deployed crews to restore power and clear roads. Many customers didn’t have their electricity restored until late Wednesday evening.

The electric utilities deployed more than 1,000 crews, including electricians, line workers, tree trimmers and other personnel, who worked to restore power and clear roads. The crews used specialized equipment to repair lines, remove trees and debris and restore service.

The electric utilities also provided customers with resources to stay safe during the outages. Customers were encouraged to check on the elderly, their pets and their neighbors, and to use caution when using alternative heating sources.

The utilities also warned customers to stay away from downed power lines and to not attempt to restore their own power.

The utilities worked throughout the night to restore power and clear roads, and their efforts paid off as the number of reported outages dropped below 5,000 by Wednesday afternoon.

Though the utilities have made considerable progress, they remind customers that the restoration process can be lengthy, and that there may still be outages in certain areas. Customers are advised to remain in contact with their electric utility and to check their website for updates.