V8 Ovalseries: Liam Hezemans shines for the first time on the oval at Raceway Venray

V8 Ovalseries: Liam Hezemans shines for the first time on the oval at Raceway Venray

Liam Hezemans made an unexpected debut at Raceway Venray on Whit Monday. Excellent performance. At the end of Whit Monday, Liam went home as the day’s winner.

What a great game for Liam Hezemans at Raceway Venray. Twice fastest man of the day and also overall winner for Hendriks Motorsport Chevrolet.

Text: Willem J. Staat
Photo: PR

Liam Hezemans shines for the first time on the oval at Raceway Venray
Liam Hezemans stunned friend and foe last Monday with a straight win in his first round match. The Dutchman immediately won the first round with Hendriks Motorsport Chevrolet. Liam had never competed in a round race before. And 0.19.813 seconds. Liam also once recorded the fastest lap. In two heats and the Final, the Dutchman even claimed the fastest lap twice. Behind Liam finished Barry Maessen (Chevrolet Camaro) and Ralph Verberkt resp. as the second and third. Bo Pepels finished fourth in her Camaro and was also the fastest woman. German Hans Jürgen Hummen, with his Chevrolet an important part of the series, even received a personal fire extinguisher as a gift. Unfortunately it didn’t bring him luck because the Hummis Racing Team was disappointed with the technology. The accelerator pedal stuck and the cooling system did not work properly under these temperatures.

An absolute dance of joy and a hole in the roof……….

In the second game Jeffrey Hageman got his first win of the season. During the opening race at Easter, Hageman was also the first to cross the line in the season opener, but was eliminated afterwards. So at Pentecost there was finally justice for the Chevrolet driver. Liam finished second in his Hendriks Motorsport Camaro, clocking 0.19.813 seconds. Record fastest lap again. Ralph Verberkt drove his Ford Fusion to third place for the second time, while Bo Pepels missed the podium for the second time.

2023 Norling

Christopher Norling. This name must be remembered.

The final resulted in victory for Ralph Verberkt and his Ford Fusion followed by Barry Maessen (Chevrolet Camaro). The real surprise was the Swede Kristoffer Norling playing for the German team Philip Bachor. The Swede’s podium in his second race at the V8 Oval. He finished third in his Chevrolet. The Scandinavian Clio Cup driver wants to make the jump to NASCAR from the Netherlands in the future. Norling was also working for Sweden’s famous Thundercars in 2022. Liam Hezemans finished fourth but won the day’s classification. In the daily standings, Ralph Verberkt and Barry Maessen were the representatives. the second and third mentioned.

Liam Hezemans: “Circular racing takes some getting used to, but after a few practice laps I was able to quickly control 450 hp and 200 km/h racing. I really enjoyed this.” Hopefully there will be a continuation of this event for V8 Oval fans. In 14 days, Liam will be competing in the EuroNASCAR race at Brands Hatch.

2023 Liam Hezemans
I hope we see Liam a few more times in Venray,