Valentijn (7) was born with an open back, he gets a real ‘Dodge ride out’: “Very cool”

Valentijn (7) was born with an open back, he gets a real ‘Dodge ride out’: “Very cool”

Seven-year-old Valentijn from Bovenkarspel was born with an open back and therefore often has to go to the hospital. Along the way he likes to count passing Dodge Rams, an American type car. Today he got a surprise: a real parade, and 40 dodges, from all over the country. “It’s very cool. He always talks about those cars,” says Father Sven.

Dodge ride out for Valentine (7) – WEEFF

The Dodge Ride Out, as the club car owners call themselves, arranges such trips more often, says coordinator Jerry Kleinman. “All our members own a to evade the ram“We are volunteering for a good cause, especially for children with American traffic congestion, who are seriously ill or who are being abused.”

The club joins via a group on Facebook, where new members join regularly. From all sides. A group of club members come from a neighbor and know the Valentijn family: “Today we had a home game.”

“Everything for those kids, and I’d love to be here with the club”

Richard Goeijers, a member of the dodge ride out

Many others did more miles today: South Holland, North Brabant and even Germany, car owners come from everywhere. “I don’t know all 2,000,” says Kleinman. “People often just come in.”

a sense of unity

The club could inspire about forty people today, says Kleinman. “We always have at least thirty, but sometimes peak up to fifty or sixty people.”

Richard Goeijers from Gilsen, Brabant North, will be participating for the sixth time today. “Everything for those kids and I also enjoy being here with the club,” he says. “I often take my own children, to show that sometimes there are children who are unlucky.”

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Jorik Simonides / WEEFF

“It gives a sense of unity,” says co-ordinator Dennis Luik. “You realize you are standing together for one purpose.”

Kleinman admits: “Sometimes we just say the word rami, rather than family. Everyone is passionate about these cars and wants to do something good for the baby.

‘Very good!’

Valentine’s parents reacted angrily to the plan: “Very good. He always talks about those cars ”, says father Sven Bieshaar. Mother Helen adds: “A day like this is very exciting.”

And Valentijn, who lost count quickly today: “No, I’ve never had so much dodges appear together! ”

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