Vasseur agrees with Wolff: ‘Don’t be fooled by what damage it can do to a reputation’

Vasseur agrees with Wolff: ‘Don’t be fooled by what damage it can do to a reputation’

Alfa Romeo team principal Frederic Vasseur agrees with Toto Wolff’s statements that the damage to Red Bull Racing’s reputation after going over budget is now also taking its toll. On October 28, the FIA ​​announced that the Austrian racing team will receive a financial fine of seven million dollars and a sporting penalty, which is ten percent less than the aerodynamic test time in, among other things, the wind tunnel. Vasseur thinks reputational damage is an additional penalty.

Press conference of the team bosses on Saturday afternoon was, among other things, guided by the impact of the restrictions on Red Bull. Max Verstappen’s team exceeded the budget by 2.2 million dollars and received its sanctions on October 28. Mercedes team boss Wolff thought the penalty was too small, but he considered it good that this also damages the reputation of the top team. ‘Don’t be fooled by the damage reputation can do,’ says Vasseur. “However, it is good that the matter is now closed.”

All the teams seem to be happy with that, Red Bull itself also showed that it is good that they have now been able to put an end to it. The Austrian team itself is clearly not very happy with the penalty. AlphaTauri team principal Franz Tost agrees with his colleague, but believes that the FIA ​​can do its job better in the future. “You have to keep working with the team to make sure everything is ready and done by the end of the year,” explains Tost. “In the last race of the year it should be clear who is the world champion.” Therefore, Tost believes that the discussion later is unnecessary.

There are no Audi employees in Switzerland

Recently it was announced that Audi will partner with Sauber from 2026. Since that will happen in only three seasons, and Alfa Romeo will refuse the title of being the sponsor of the title from 2024, it is not yet known what the name of the team will be. “It is not yet known, we may be looking for a new sponsor of the crown,” explains Vasseur. Whether they return to the name ‘Sauber’ is also unknown.

What the boss of the Alfa Romeo team explained is that no employee from Audi will go to Hinwil, where there is an Alfa Romeo team. Audi will supply the engine, and Sauber will remain responsible for the chassis. The team has nothing planned for others, according to Vasseur.