Vasseur says Ferrari “has everything to win” and thanks Binotto: “He waited for me”

Vasseur says Ferrari “has everything to win” and thanks Binotto: “He waited for me”

Frédéric Vasseur believes that if Ferrari does a better job than its rivals then it will be able to win in 2023. He added that Mattia Binotto waited for him to speak before leaving Maranello

Vasseur wants to change Ferrari’s history of mistakes in 2023

Photo: Ferrari / Grand Prix

Weather for the 2023 season of System 1 he has hope in Maranello. AND Frederic Vasseur and the fact that it only took two weeks of work to ensure that, today, Ferrari has everything to put last year’s fiasco behind and win.

Great expectations of the championship began after the Italian site show that the first data from the simulator showed the performance of the 1 faster than seen in 2022. In addition to the possible improvement of the car, the arrival of Vasseur has also been favorable, although the Frenchman initially chose a “more cautious approach” in driving the changes structural.


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Ferrari had a great car in 2022, and Vasseur is betting on even better conditions this year.

Ferrari had a great car in 2022, and Vasseur is betting on even better conditions this year.

Photo: Rodrigo Berton/Grand Prix / Grand Prix

“First, I am sure that, today – and, of course, I have a little experience of the last two weeks – Ferrari has everything to win”, insisted the boss of the Italian team to the press, for the first time speaking. to the press after taking over from Maranello.

“I think we can look at the intentions of the last few decades, the wheel is always turning and it’s a matter of continuing to improve. For me if we do a better job than others in the last few months or a few years then we will.” to be able to win,” he added.

“It’s not that anything is set in stone. If you look at some of the teams, they were in a big position a few years ago, and now they’re nowhere to be found.” We don’t need to go down these lines, like ‘It’s been this way for the last decade, or the last 20 years, and it’s going to be this way in the future’. F1 is a changing world, and we have to focus on work, on performance, whatever is possible”, added Vasseur.

After six seasons at the helm of Sauber/Alfa RomeoFrédéric was the choice of the most traditional Formula 1 team to replace Mattia Binottowho could not withstand the pressure of many mistakes of the team in 2022 and left Ferrari after 28 years. Vasseur, however, praised the attitude of the former boss to wait for him, thus ensuring a change of line.

“[Binotto] he waited for me. The process was transparent. Even if we had rumors in the media before or during [a final em] Abu Dhabiwe didn’t discuss before,” he said.

“We spoke for the first time after Abu Dhabi. It was a very quick process. So I called Mattia, we met during the transition and had a private conversation. Thanks to Mattias for that, I was impressed by him for sitting and waiting for me. and talking to me – it was something I really appreciated”, concluded Vasseur.

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