Vauxhall adds annual support to every car serviced in the UK – – Dziennik Motoryzacyjny

Vauxhall adds annual support to every car serviced in the UK – – Dziennik Motoryzacyjny

A free 12-month RAC diagnostic service period is now included with every UK Vauxhall car service. Coverage includes roadside assistance, problems starting the car at home, lost keys and mistakes when refueling (wrong fuel).

Free roadside assistance is part of Opel’s new “Here For You” market. It offers a number of benefits when you use the services of a Vauxhall dealer for car servicing and maintenance. As part of every visit, the customer can count on a free vehicle condition check, flexible parts prices and free car cleaning. Services are available from 290 Vauxhalla (Opel’s sister brand) sites in the UK.

Vauxhall offers owners a free 12-month roadside assistance plan when their car is serviced at the brand’s local dealer as part of its new “Here For You” aftermarket service.

The 12-month free assistance service is offered by the RAC and covers not only damage removal, but also cases of burns, lost keys, refueling with the wrong oil and starting the car at home when it doesn’t want to start. Available to retail customers of all ages having their Vauxhall serviced at a participating Vauxhall dealer.

This service is added after each service, which means that drivers who benefit from being serviced by their local Vauxhall dealer will be able to renew it every year. The free roadside assistance program will help owners reduce their vehicle costs and provide additional peace of mind throughout the year.

Free support is just one of seven features of Vauxhall’s new “Here For You” aftermarket service, available from all participating retailers. In addition to free roadside assistance, the Hapa Kwa Wewe promise also includes the following features:
Vauxhall mechanics and parts: Vehicles are serviced by highly qualified Vauxhall technicians using authorized or genuine Vauxhall parts for greater reliability and safety;
additional security checks: Safety-critical components such as tires and brakes are also checked within each service;
mobile solutions: a replacement vehicle may be provided to the customer to ensure mobility while working on the vehicle;
individual solutions: Whether using a service plan or adding an extended warranty, Vauxhall dealers can create personalized payment plans for each customer;
definite value: All used parts authorized by the company or genuine Vauxhall brands come with a minimum 12-month warranty, and Vauxhall dealers can even price replacement parts if car owners have found the same elsewhere;
clean Vauxhall after each visit: After each service, all cars are cleaned free of charge.

Richard Hughes, customer service director at Vauxhall, said: “Thank you “Here For You” Vauxhall adds value to all its services under one promise that is guaranteed to owners for every service at the local dealer. Most importantly, the “Here For You” promise doesn’t stop at service as our 12-month roadside assistance program ensures that if you need help, just call.“.

Vauxhall has a retail network (290 locations) across the UK, and Vauxhall car owners can book their appointment completely online from the comfort of their own home via Vauxhall Service Booking Website.

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