VCBB encourages Vermonters to comment on upcoming digital equity programs

VCBB encourages Vermonters to comment on upcoming digital equity programs

The Vermont Broadband Board (VCBB) is urging Vermonters to share their thoughts on the state’s upcoming digital equity initiatives.

The VCBB is seeking feedback on strategies for increasing broadband access and adoption across Vermont, with a focus on underserved and marginalized communities. The board is particularly interested in hearing from people who are personally affected by limited access to the internet and related technologies.

The VCBB has identified several areas of serious concern, including the lack of broadband access in rural areas, the high cost of broadband service, and the inadequate digital literacy skills of many Vermonters.

To address these issues, the VCBB is exploring multiple options, including the development of public Wi-Fi hotspots, the expansion of existing digital literacy and training programs, and the creation of special broadband programs for low-income households.

The board is now inviting Vermonters to provide input on these and other digital equity initiatives. Written comments can be submitted online, or participants can join a scheduled video conference to discuss the various proposals.

The VCBB is committed to ensuring that all Vermonters have access to the digital tools they need to work, learn, and thrive. The board encourages Vermonters to make their voices heard and help shape the state’s digital equity strategy.

The VCBB has requested that comments be received by June 15 in order to adequately consider all input prior to the finalization of the digital equity initiatives.