Verhoeven saves up to 5 percent of diesel for Volvo FH I-Save •

Verhoeven saves up to 5 percent of diesel for Volvo FH I-Save •

Verhoeven from Uden operates Volvo FH I-Save for high quality international transportation. This saves the company about 4.5 to 5 percent on fuel consumption. Not only is it good in terms of cost, but it is also a good step towards a more sustainable society with less CO2 emissions.

Verhoeven now has Volvo FH 39 running I-Save. Seventeen of these trucks are of the new FH type and have been operating since June last year. This year, Verhoeven is again adding Volvo FH twenty-three and 500 hp I-Save to the fleet, the first three of which have now been released. Many trucks are used for state-of-the-art transportation. In addition, Verhoeven specializes in fast delivery and its Express service.

Verhoeven specializes in advanced transportation. The company has approximately 100 years of experience in shipping, focusing primarily on speed, safety, reliability and cost effectiveness. The water source area covers the entire central East-West axis of Europe. Every day about 200 trucks are on the road to Verhoeven.

“As an international transport company, our vehicles, as well as our people, are the strength of our organization. We promise our customers to deliver products safely, economically and quickly. Our trucks are very important in this regard. They must be reliable and of course. “Volvo FH combines these features. In addition, the partnership with the Volvo BAS Truck Center Truck Dealer has been very interesting since the 1980s when we started with the first Volvo”, says Dries Hendrix, Fleet Engineer in Verhoeven. He continues: “Apart from being reliable and secure, we find that the Volvo FH I-Save is also very economical. Compared to the previous version of Volvo FH, we see an improvement in consumption of 4.5 to 5 percent. Our trucks run 100,000 to 190,000 kilometers per year. Fuel costs for each car are huge. ”

By using less fuel, Verhoeven also emits less CO2. “We find that more and more customers are asking for this. We certainly know that. Several old trucks are now being replaced by the new Volvo FH I-Save. In this way we are contributing to a more sustainable society,” explains Dries Hendrix.

Verhoeven drivers are encouraged to drive economically. “For example, they get a bonus if they drive economically; that means: launching and driving with anticipation. For this, the BAS Truck Center provides monthly driving style reports, which we can train and guide drivers. BAS also offers ‘Economic Driving’ training courses for our drivers, which are calculated directly towards the 35-hour reference course, “says Dries Hendrix.

Verhoeven drivers are long and far from home. All trucks therefore have a Globetrotter XL closet and have additional options for improving comfort with the Comfort Driver package. “We want to make it as pleasant as possible for our drivers. After all, they are the driving force of our organization and the face of our customers. So we always choose options to improve comfort such as the integrated parking cooler I-ParkCool and a luxurious air-suspended passenger seat. In addition, safety is very important to protect our drivers and the goods being transported. So the Volvo FH is equipped with all kinds of safety systems such as Lane Change Support, Driver Alert Support, Static bend lights and sensor of rain,” says Dries Hendrix. To keep drivers informed about all the new features and options in Volvo trucks, the BAS Truck Center offers theoretical training courses on ‘driver assistance and safety systems’.

“And I have to be honest, that helps. Like many other transporters, of course we also face a shortage of drivers, but we are known as a company that takes good care of its people and that pays,” continues Dries Hendrix.

Verhoeven drivers are also satisfied with Volvo FH. “Drivers have positive feedback on the driving characteristics and ease of use. And although the trucks drive very economically, they do not compromise on engine power or driving performance. That is appreciated. In addition, the cabin of the new Volvo FH is spacious and offers many options for It is good if you are not at home regularly and for a long time, “concludes Dries Hendrix.