Verstappen sees adjustment going well: ‘It was a tough start’

Verstappen sees adjustment going well: ‘It was a tough start’

2023-05-26 18:35:04
Team Crow

Max Verstappen was completely absent in the first free practice, but in the second free practice the 25-year-old Dutchman found himself back in first place. Red Bull Racing has found something between FP1 and FP2 and that gives Verstappen a good chance of qualifying on Saturday.

Verstappen finished Friday in Monaco well with first place in the second free practice. The Dutchman struggled with his RB19 in the first free practice session, but in the second session the Red Bull driver was back on top for most of the session. Verstappen sees room for improvement, but is satisfied with the progress.

Verstappen looks at Ferrari

“The second free practice was better than the first. The car was more competitive. Compared to Ferrari, we are still a little short on how the car works on the curbs and bumps. That is something we need to work on for tomorrow, because you can see they are very close. The Aston Martins are also close. We need something more to stay ahead of them.” says Verstappen according to

Verstappen was pleased with the progress during the day. During the second free practice, according to Verstappen, the car felt better and he was able to push harder. “It was a tough start, but a good ending” concludes the Dutchman. The weekend continues on Saturday with the third free practice and qualifying.

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