Verstappen will always be a Honda fan: ‘We have a lot of good memories together’

Verstappen will always be a Honda fan: ‘We have a lot of good memories together’

Max Verstappen reiterates that he regrets that Honda and Red Bull Racing are parting ways after the 2025 season, but insists that he will always remain a Honda fan. The Dutchman appreciates the work of the Japanese engine supplier and knows that they have had many great moments together that both parties will never forget. Could a merger take place in the future? He doesn’t know that yet.

Verstappen crossed the line first in the country of Honda at Suzuka for the third time in a row. Regarding his relationship with the Japanese engine dealer and his success at Suzuka, he is sometimes compared to Ayrton Senna. The Brazilian F1 legend also had a very good relationship with Honda and also with Japan, where he won his three titles. The Verstappen-Honda combination has not won since the start of the 2022 season, except for a few races. The Dutchman already announced last year that he regrets parting ways after the 2025 season, and the feelings are mutual, Honda Racing Corporation president Koji Watanabe said.

“Our relationship has been very good and we have experienced many moments that we will never forget,” Verstappen said the Dutch branch of “The first podium with Honda was very special, especially because after a few difficult years we saw joy on all faces,” continues Verstappen. The first podium he took with Honda was in Australia in 2019, when he finished third. The first victory with Honda followed not much later, that is in Austria in the same year. ‘After that came the first victory and the first title, of course. These are all moments together that will remain with us forever.’

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Verstappen and Honda will never forget the success they achieved together. (Photo: Red Bull Content Pool/Getty Images)

Verstappen will drive a Honda-powered car this season and in 2025, after which the Japanese engine supplier will join forces with Aston Martin and Red Bull and Ford. ‘I’ve had the opportunity to work with a lot of smart people from them. They treat things with great respect and it’s great to work with them,” continues the three-time world champion. “At some point the relationship with Red Bull will definitely come to an end, but that doesn’t mean it’s all forgotten. I will always be a Honda fan. We have a lot of good memories together,” said the Dutchman, who has also driven cars powered by Renault and Ferrari. “All engine suppliers have their stories, but of course I have more history with Honda.”

Verstappen is still not thinking about reuniting

Honda CEO Watanabe has hinted that he would like Verstappen and Honda to reunite after 2028. At first it doesn’t seem realistic though, as Fernando Alonso will remain with Aston Martin for the time being, running Honda engines from 2026. The one-time world champion Third, he has a contract with Red Bull until 2028, so there may be opportunities after that. “I don’t know,” Verstappen replies. ‘It doesn’t have to be 2026 either. I have a contract with Red Bull until 2028 and after that I must first see if I want to continue at all.’

Verstappen has often indicated that he just wants to race, and doesn’t like all the fuss involved at the moment, such as racing and more exotic locations. ‘It’s all about if I continue, and not so much where. At the moment I don’t think about it too much, “said Limburger. A career as long as Alonso’s does not seem easy for Verstappen. There was also a brief discussion at the Japanese airport about a road race in Osaka from 2030. What does Verstappen think about it? “Then I’m not here anymore!” the Dutchman laughs.

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