Vettel ends Formula 1 career: Schumacher and Hülkenberg’s successor candidates

Vettel ends Formula 1 career: Schumacher and Hülkenberg’s successor candidates

Formula 1: Who succeeds Vettel? Two Germans are among the candidates for Aston Martin

Shock for many fans of Formula 1. Sebastian Vettel ends his career. For a long time Aston Martin expected to extend the contract with Heppenheimer. For free. Now the search for Vettel’s successor begins. But who are the candidates?

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Sebastian Vettel ends his Formula 1 career. Shock for many Heppenheimer fans. For Aston Martin, saying goodbye to Vettel means starting the search for a successor. For months, the racing team had tried to convince Vettel to extend his contract. For free.

Teammate Lance Stroll has not yet signed a contract with Aston Martin for next season. However, his whereabouts are uncertain. But who could succeed Sebastian Vettel at Aston Martin? Five candidates in particular are highly marketable.

1. Nico Hulkenberg

The German driver is currently a reserve driver at Aston Martin. His replacement as a permanent pilot therefore seems to be the logical outcome. But is Hülkenberg, at 34, the first choice for the racing team?

It’s entirely possible that Aston Martin is aiming for a long-term solution. This certainly wouldn’t be Hülkenberg, who represented Vettel in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia this year. On the other hand, he knows the team and the car.

2. Daniel Ricciardo

In the internal battle of the team with Lando Norris, the Australian has been without a chance for a long time. Ricciardo has a very lucrative contract. McLaren would like to eliminate this. The British are said to have been looking for a successor to Ricciardo for some time.

Ricciardo himself frequently refers to his contract with McLaren, which is valid until the end of next season. But moving to Aston Martin does not seem difficult.

3. Mick Schumacher

Schumacher’s contract with Haas expires at the end of this season. Vettel would certainly defend his “pupil”. Unlike Hülkenberg, Schumacher will also be the long-term solution that is probably being sought.

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But Schumacher, the driver from Ferrari, is really going to Aston Martin? Not really likely. After a good run in the past, the 23-year-old also seems to have a good chance of a contract extension at Haas.

4. Fernando Alonso

It would be a great solution. At the same time, however, a real surprise. Alonso wouldn’t be a long-term solution either. Last year, the Spaniard was frequently discussed as Vettel’s successor. However, extending the contract with Alpine is more realistic for Alonso.

5. Oscar Piastri

The Australian is under contract with Alpine. He could become a full-time pilot early next year. And yet a loan to Aston Martin is conceivable. Piastre is considered a great talent. Aston Martin can ask about it.

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