Video Corvette C8 Z06 GT3.R (2024): Chevrolet prepares for publication

Video Corvette C8 Z06 GT3.R (2024): Chevrolet prepares for publication

( – The Corvette C8 Z06 GT3.R has successfully completed its rollout. General Motors subsidiary Chevrolet has posted a video on social media showing the car in action at the company’s showroom in Michigan.

The new GT3 Corvette has seen the light of day

There is also a sound sample that will probably be interesting to fans, if not surprising: the Bolide shares a unit with the GTE bolide C8.R. The 5.5 liter LT6 engine therefore comes with the same sound, namely a flat V8 sound with few revolutions.

The classic American V8 jet roar, as known from the old Callaway Corvette, is also a thing of the past in Corvettes in GT3 racing. Of the aircraft V8s, that only leaves the Lexus RC F GT3 now that Bentley has ended its program (and of course the Mercedes-AMG GT3, with the SLS engine).

General Motors will enter the consumer sports car business from 2024. Previously, Corvette GT3 models were privately built by Callaway. However, the GT3 market has now changed to manufacturers making their cars directly to customers. In the case of the Corvette, this is done by long-time development partner Pratt & Miller.

But those cars will also be used in the factory. Corvette Racing is currently running in the IMSA Sportscar Championship in the GTD Pro category with a temporary C8.R modified for GT3. Antonio Garcia and Jordan Taylor took home the runner-up crown. The release period for the C8.R GTD will end after the 2023 season.

Photo gallery: Looking back at 15 years of Callaway Competition at the ADAC GT Masters

For the ADAC GT Masters, Callaway Racing has announced back with the car in 2024 – then as a customer team and not as a developer. The Leingarten team around Ernst Wöhr is currently taking a two-year break.

The previous C7 GT3-R, which won the ADAC GT Masters title in 2017, would need the Evo package to compete with the latest GT3 weapons from other manufacturers. However, that would not be useful for two years.