Video drag racing SUV Aston Martin, Porsche, Rivian and Maserati MC20

Video drag racing SUV Aston Martin, Porsche, Rivian and Maserati MC20

INCREASED NOISE FOR SUPER SUV We all know that, laws of physics it is difficult, if not impossible, to deny, even in the automotive field. These laws have taught us that i big, long and heavy vehicles, of course it should not be as fast as small and light. However, there may be differences. For example, talking about SUVs, but not “normal” SUVs, but the best on the market today with conventional and electric motors. Without taking anything from others, we are talking about the two models at the top of the segment, which quench their thirst with the best unleaded gasoline, that is. Aston Martin DBX 707 (707 HP)The most powerful production SUV in the world, and Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT (640 HP), the leader of high-wheel models from Züffenhausen. On the other side of the ring is very American Rivian R1Swho prefers electricity energy in the pipe and put on the whole field at once something like 622kW (846hp).

Drag Race super SUV: three paired competitors after the race from standstillTHE QUARTER MILE DECIDES WHO WILL WIN Put the main characters together, the question is simple: whoever goes the fastest wins the challenge a quarter mile (normal shot from 0 to about 400 meters). Obviously, the race can only come from the last tenth of a second, but with some surprise. However, the controversy does not end there. Indeed, to add salt to the recipe, the winner will have to compete with the truth modern supercarie Maserati MC20together 630 horsepower mess with ready for payment. Here are the links to one of the… warmest videos for the beginning of the year made by Jason Camissa of the YouTube channel Hagerty. Let’s see together, it’s worth it…

BEV IS NOT ALWAYS BEST Let’s start by saying that, in general, electric vehicles like the Rivian SUV acceleration measurements dominate while throwing all the engine power and torque down at once, but here the surprise begins, as R1S even comes last. The reason is obvious: unlike European SUVs, the yankee has road tires and has a weight of beauty of 3,175kgA large portion at a large cost battery pack feed it. If this handicap wasn’t enough to punish him, he is also only limited in top speed 177 km / h, high speed which arrives well before the quarter of a mile is over, which enters 11.8 seconds.


Drag Race super SUV: electric for everyone, but the Porsche Cayenne will win

Drag Race super SUV: electric for everyone, but the Porsche Cayenne will winGERMANY VS ENGLAND 1-0 Aston Martin finished second in the sports utility race, with a total time of 11.3 seconds and a quarter-mile exit speed of 196 km/h. According to Cammisa, this is the result of an excellent balance between traction and engine output. But Porsche can build its victory – despite the power gap – thanks to the anchor more efficient traction in the first meters from the shot, resulting from the unique grip of its tires. After that, 640 HP makes a break. The German SUV goes a quarter mile inside 11.1 secondscrossing the finish line at a speed of 193 kilometers per hour.

Super SUV drag race: Porsche Cayenne vs. Maserati MC20

Super SUV drag race: Porsche Cayenne vs. Maserati MC20 THE SURPRISE IS NOT OVER… These results seem good enough to match the Maserati MC20 as well, which is small, light and almost powerful. And the beach is again right of Suvvone of Germanywho once again puts a brute force on the bench, but the Italian can reach 160 km/h. faster than a Porsche, then raced for victory over the Cayenne in the final meters of the race, reaching 210 km/h and regaining the time and position lost at the start. The goal is achieved, surprisingly, and at the same time 11.1 seconds of the Cayenne Turbo GT. Indeed, these sports services would not have it there is nothing quite like a Maserati supercar if there was a corner or two to be taken at full speed. The Italian would win hands down, but it’s amazing to think how fast modern SUVs can be thanks to refined modernity mechanics reached today.