Video of Tesla to help investigators – vigil on Sunday

Video of Tesla to help investigators – vigil on Sunday

On Sunday afternoon, ADFC and Changing Cities want to hold a vigil to remember the 44-year-old cyclist who was killed. At 4 a.m., the spirit bike will be placed on the Bundesallee in front of the IBB highway in Wilmersdorf, the clubs said. Before that, the bike fair will start at 2 pm from the ADFC office at Möckernstraße in Kreuzberg to the Bundesallee.

The woman was hit by a concrete truck early Monday morning and trapped. He died of his injuries in hospital on Thursday evening. The accident was reported nationwide because a special vehicle from the fire brigade was stuck in a traffic jam on the city’s main road, which was caused by anti-climate activists.

Police and prosecutors are investigating two men who were stuck on a road bridge for “obstructing rescuers”. On Friday, a report in the newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung informed that, according to the internal log of the fire brigade, the traffic should not have had any effect on the care of the accident victim. So the emergency doctor had decided not to lift the truck and the special car.

Police did not release an update on the crash on Saturday. According to a report in the “Berliner Morgenpost” video recordings from Tesla can help in the reconstruction. As a result, the images captured by the car also incriminated the person who attacked the driver of the concrete mixing machine with a knife after the accident. The man, who is homeless, was admitted to a psychiatric hospital.

If you wait here at the bicycle traffic light, you won’t see the blue signal very well.
© Joern Hasselmann

Tesla’s records have often helped investigators. Andreas Winkelmann, who heads the motor racing prosecution department as chief public prosecutor at the Berlin court, has the most experience with this. Winkelmann recently explained the procedure as follows: With a court search warrant, you can not only access Tesla’s European data center in the Netherlands, but also directly into the car’s internal memory.

The camera is always on while driving. When the car is stationary, it is activated by vibrations – or when someone approaches the car. In this way, the court should have pictures of the accident scene. The images are “razor sharp,” reported Winkelmann. Tesla himself describes the technology as follows: “Eight cameras and powerful image processing enable 360 ​​° monitoring of the car’s environment with a range of up to 250 meters.”

Fatal bicycle accident on the Bundesallee
Fatal bicycle accident on the Bundesallee
© Tagesspiegel/Rita Böttcher

In 2018, Changing Cities called for the crash intersection to be resolved after a bicyclist was seriously injured by a semi-trailer truck making a right turn. “However, the Senate and the districts ignored our proposals,” criticized Ragnhild Sørensen from the party. As reported, there is a duty to use the bicycle lane at the scene of the accident – the 44-year-old still rode his sports bike on the four-lane road. Anyone who wants to “legally drive from south to north here must wait at three traffic lights (Nachodstrasse, Spichernstrasse South and North)” is how Changing Cities described the situation.

This new two-way roundabout does not comply with the Berlin Mobility Act, it said. Cycling activists on Twitter criticized that the traffic signal forcing cyclists into the cycle lane is small and not easy to see. “If the sign is not visible, there is no need to obey it,” said Arne Ludorff, traffic rights spokesman for Changing Cities. This always depends on the individual case. As reported, only this 100 meter long section between Nachodstraße and Spichernstraße is required to be used on the Bundesallee in the north.

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