Vinfast VF 8 test: luxury electric SUV

Vinfast VF 8 test: luxury electric SUV

Vinfast VF 8 Eco looks like a Jaguar F-Pace from the side, but the front and rear have the usual Vinfast signature, as we learned during the presentation of the electric SUV. In the middle is the V, which lines continue on the grille and lights. It all seems to be successful, although not completely different. And that when Vinfast hired none other than the chief designer Pininfarina to paint the car.

An electric SUV but it started out as a petrol car

The exterior dimensions of the Vietnamese electric SUV look promising for the space seeker. In almost all directions it is slightly larger than the Skoda Enyaq iV, and the wheelbase is about 20 (!) Centimeters longer. As long as they sit in the outer seats, the rear passengers have nothing to complain about. Anyone who takes the middle position, on the other hand, will find an annoying center tunnel between their legs. This betrays Vinfast VF 8 that its nature is a fuel car.

like electricity

With minimal interior design and operation, Vinfast has closely watched Tesla. The screen responds very quickly and the menu structure is intuitive. You operate the exterior mirrors – such as the Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y – by first selecting the mirrors on the screen and then using the arrow keys on the steering wheel to select the correct viewing angle. The narrow steering wheel of the old style itself can only be adjusted manually and the bottom looks equally balanced. The finish of most of the soft faux leather looks well maintained.

More insecure than the feared camel in the desert

The Vinfast VF 8 Eco has seats that are flat and offer little lateral support. However, as long as you drive straight, they offer ‘neat, uninhibited enjoyment’. When cornering, that’s a different story, because then the electric SUV behaves more safely than the camel and the fear of the desert. As a result, you slide in all directions. And even on the nearest test track, the body has a great tendency to sway. There are certainly people who appreciate this soft, American-like character. But if Vinfast really wants to enter the European market, it needs to pay attention to this.

Vinfast VF 8: from 44,650 euros

The Vinfast electric SUV costs at least 44,650 euros in the Netherlands. For such a large, luxurious SUV with an 82 kWh battery pack, a range of 420 km and a power of more than 350 hp, that is certainly not expensive. And to convince the doubters, the manufacturer promises a warranty of 10 years (!), up to a maximum of 200,000 km. For comparison: Kia EV6 with 325 hp costs 59,195 euros and for Volkswagen ID.4 GTX (299 hp) you have to pay 57,290 euros. Vietnamese electric car prices seem too good to be true…

We say again: good morning!

Like its European cousin, the white-lipped bamboo snake of Southeast Asia is venomous. You don’t want to get bitten by that animal. So keep looking at the grass on the Vinfast price list. Then you will soon be told that in addition to the one-time purchase price, you also have to cough up a large amount of battery tax. If you drive 500 km per month, you choose the flexible battery program and you have to pay 120 euros per month. For those who drive more, Vinfast has a fixed subscription plan (150 euros per month). In four years we will talk about 5760 to 7200 euros. We say again: good morning!


Many manufacturers of electric SUVs are facing delivery problems. Maybe a Vinfast guest can benefit from this. Vinfast VF 8 looks good, is fully equipped and offers a lot of power. However, the manufacturer still has to do the opening and grinding work on the road hold. Especially if you choose the 408 (!) hp Plus instead of the Eco version, a stronger chassis is much needed. Plus, we don’t think the rental battery rule is such a good idea. It is not without reason that Renault has abandoned this.