Viroqua Thunder Squirts win state hockey championship

Viroqua Thunder Squirts win state hockey championship

The Viroqua Thunder Squirts have earned the title of state hockey champions, a feat which is especially impressive considering their difficult and technical play.

The team, comprised of players aged 8-10, faced strong competition from across the state. Each game was a challenge, and the Thunder Squirts rose to the occasion, demonstrating the high level of skill and sportsmanship that earned them the championship.

Coach Mark Johnson was proud of his players, who he described as having a “winning attitude” and “an incredible work ethic.” He also credited their success to their ability to “play with composure and confidence,” which he said was a result of their strong practice schedule.

The parents of the players also expressed their admiration for the team. “I’m so proud of these kids,” said one parent. “They’ve worked so hard and they deserve this.”

The championship was the result of several months of hard work and dedication. The players practiced regularly and put in extra effort on the ice. They also had the support of their coaches, parents, and fans.

The Viroqua Thunder Squirts are a testament to the power of teamwork and commitment. They have demonstrated that with hard work and skill, anything is possible.