VISTA 2022 – the largest service market competition in the world has been decided, Volvo Group Trucks Central Europe GmbH, press release

VISTA 2022 – the largest service market competition in the world has been decided, Volvo Group Trucks Central Europe GmbH, press release

And the winner is… The winning team in the world’s largest truck and bus workshop competition, VISTA*, has now been selected. After an exciting final in the Volvo city of Gothenburg, Sweden, the “Kiired Insenerid” (fast engineers) team from Estonia won.

More than 16,000 technicians in around 4,500 teams from Volvo Trucks and Volvo Buses’ global dealer network took part in this year’s VISTA Championship – an international event that was first held in 1957.

The main objectives of the VISTA competition are to encourage skill development and build team spirit and pride. Highly qualified and motivated technicians enable Volvo workshops to diagnose and fix truck and bus problems the first time, on time and to the highest quality standards. This knowledge is key to helping customers achieve maximum uptime for their trucks. Ultimately, this leads to improved customer service.

In the final in Gothenburg, 43 teams of technicians and service market workers competed over two days to complete six different stations. This includes CAN to connect fault diagnosis, I-Shift and the body, among others. Two stations were VR stations that focused on electric vehicles. Another task was to install an electric motor on the truck. The number of electric trucks and electric buses is growing faster and faster, so working safely with electric motors is an important skill for mechatronics technicians in almost every workshop around the world.

“Our mechanics are instrumental in helping our customers succeed in keeping their trucks on the road. VISTA is a great way for them to improve their workshop skills. I’m very impressed with the team’s technical skills this year and the speed at which they work.” which they solved the challenge,” commented Roger Alm, President of Volvo Trucks.

Top 3 teams in the 2022 VISTA World Championship

Team / Country:

  • Kiired Insenerid / Estonia
  • Titan / Denmark
  • SWISTA / Switzerland


*VISTA stands for Volvo International Service Training Awards. It started in 1957 and was originally a competition for Volvo technicians in Sweden. Twenty years later, by 1977, it had reached every continent, attracting authorized Volvo dealers from around the world. Today, VISTA is a biennial event and the world’s largest competition for service market workers.

VISTA is open to Volvo Trucks and Volvo Buses dealers and their technicians worldwide. To qualify, participating teams must complete two sections consisting of theoretical and technical questions.

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