Voldemort from “Harry Potter” looks scary?  The plans were worse

Voldemort from “Harry Potter” looks scary? The plans were worse

Ralph Fiennes in the role of Lord Voldemort appeared only in “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”, the fourth part. film. However, the character himself appeared in the first part of the series, which is in “The Philosopher’s Stone”. Then we can see Richard Bremmer’s face behind Professor Quirrell’s head. However, the first impression of the appearance of Lord Voldemort was completely different from the one we all know.

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Voldemort’s original design is more terrifying

Pictures of Quirell / Voldemort’s original form are easily found on the internet. The appearance of Harry Potter’s greatest enemy is a monster. Many people talk about the fact that if he really was the figure of Voldemort he appears in this way, it will be the worst and most terrifying dream. Analysts also say that this appearance may mean that the film cannot be called “family”. Here’s what the example looks like:

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Voldemort’s robes lose color

Mr Voldemort and he was often called He Whose Name Shall Not Be Spoken or the Dark Lord. His appearance was very unique. His face was very thin and snake-like, and his dress was a long black robe that gradually faded from place to place.

However, this curiosity is rarely noticed by fans. That’s why a few years ago, studio Warner Bros post on Instagram dedicated to the world of Harry, where he explains this procedure.

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