Volkswagen AG: Back to the key level

Volkswagen AG: Back to the key level


End of reach

Purchase Rate: 138.3 € † target: 155 € † Stop loss: 133 € † Possibility: 12.08%
The daily EUR 135.84 support area may facilitate the start of the Volkswagen AG rescue.
Investors will be able to replace the purchase for up to € 155

Volkswagen AG: Volkswagen AG: Back to the key level


  • The company has solid foundations. More than 70% of companies have a limited combination of growth, profit, debt and appearance.
  • The company has an attractive base position from a short-term investment perspective.
  • The company’s Refinitiv-ESG score, based on the company’s level related to its industry, looks very good.


  • The company benefits from a stable financial position due to its real cash position and molding.
  • The company has very interesting passages.
  • The stock has a very low level of value and a trade value estimated at 0.14 times the turnover.
  • Depending on the price of the company in relation to its actual accounting value, the stock can be estimated to be cheap.
  • The company has a low value due to the cash flow resulting from its operations.
  • Investors looking for a yield can appreciate this stock very much.
  • The company’s revenue expectations have recently been revised upwards according to analysts’ agreement on the subject.
  • Analysts have supported the positive development of the group business by increasing their revenue per share expectations significantly.
  • The difference between the current price and the average price target of analysts handling the case is relatively small and has great potential to be valued.
  • Historically, the group has published better statistics than expected.

Weak points

  • Over the past twelve months, the analyst’s agreement has been significantly revised below.
  • The price targets for stock analysts vary widely. This means that the company and its activities are difficult to evaluate. 2022

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Sales 2022 273 billion.
283 billion.
Actual gains (losses) 2022 16 888 M
17 566 M
Real money position 2022 32 024 M
33 310 M
Price / revenue ratio 2022 3.87x
Dividend Crops 2022 7.03%
Market capitalization 77 323 M
80 427 M
stock market limit. / Sales 2022 0.17x
stock market limit. / Sales 2023 0.14x
Number of employees 668 294
Percentage that can be sold freely 56.8%

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Development of income statement



Moderate advice Collect
Number of analysts 23
Final closing price € 127.48
Average price target € 215.66
Spread / Average Average 69.2%

Differences compared to January 1 (%) Capitalization (M $)
VOLKSWAGEN AG -28.17% 80 427