Volkswagen Bank is back with a retail offer.  There will be BLIK

Volkswagen Bank is back with a retail offer. There will be BLIK

Recently, Volkswagen Bank has been offering accounts to private customers in Poland again. They were reinstated after the decision to remove them in 2017. Personal accounts are available as part of two service packages: Standard or Gold.

As a first step, you can use a personal account and a Visa card (with pictures of cars, eg Porsche Taycan), and you pay PLN 1 for ATM withdrawals. The Gold package costs PLN 9 per month, but the subscription includes free ATMs in Poland and Europe and no currency exchange fees. Customers have access to online shopping and a mobile app.

Volkswagen Bank will improve the offer for private customers

We are aware of the challenges brought by the market, for example in terms of technology. For customers, however, four criteria of the offer are most important: cost, security, speed and convenience. We currently meet the first two, that is, our product is one of the safest on the market in terms of internet security, and our regular account can be set up and run for free. There are two more parameters in front of us, namely speed and ease of use, which we are currently working on seriously.

Says Ronald Kulikowski, branch director of VW Bank in Poland

We learn that the most important novelty that will soon be implemented in the version of Volkswagen Bank in Poland will be the process of opening a remote account. The identification will be performed automatically using biometric identification algorithms. Until now, the contract had to be signed by the delegate. Now, the verification will be done on the basis of a short video and a photo of your ID.

According to the source, soon the bank will also be able to offer Apple Pay and Google Pay mobile payments. There are also plans to support the BLIK mobile payment system.


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