Volkswagen Bank promotes the “Entrepreneurs Package for Zero!”  and Lokata Effect for new money

Volkswagen Bank promotes the “Entrepreneurs Package for Zero!” and Lokata Effect for new money

Volkswagen Bank has prepared a special promotion for entrepreneurs “Package for Entrepreneurs for Zero!”. In addition, it offers an Impact Deposit for new funds, with an interest rate of up to 6.25%. This is a tribute to the bank’s business customers who are looking for a simple and efficient way to manage their money.

PLN 0 for maintaining a company account

Volkswagen Bank, offering banking services as part of Volkswagen Financial Services, announced a special offer called “Entrepreneurs Package for Zero!”. It is addressed to entrepreneurs running sole proprietorships, foundations, registered associations, cooperatives or housing associations. As part of the promotion, it is enough to open a Plus Konto Biznes bank account and enjoy free account maintenance (PLN 0) for 12 months. The promotion starts from 01/03/2023 to 28/02/2024.

Plus Konto Biznes, thanks to the Visa Business card, enables safe and fast payments and cost control, while enjoying many benefits. Several cards can be issued to one company account – issuance and re-issuance that costs nothing. They can be used by the account holder or, if necessary, also by persons designated by him as an agent. Interestingly, Visa Business debit cards are available with images of iconic cars as well as the latest electric vehicles from the Volkswagen Group. The advantages of Visa Business cards include: free automatic debt collection and professional assistance, no fees for converting foreign transactions made in Euro to PL, discounts when paying with cards in the Visa benefits program, plus and insurance in the Business Package.

Deposit Effect – up to 6.25%

More reliable Plus Konto Biznes owners can use Lokata Effect to earn new money. The minimum amount is PLN 1,000. The deposit can be adjusted according to your needs by placing it for a period of 30 to 59 days (interest rate: 6%), for a period of 60-89 days (6.15%) or 90 to 179 days (then the interest rate will be 6.25%) . Interest is always accrued after the savings period expires.

We have prepared attractive promotions for our business customers in the spring. As part of the “Entrepreneurs Package for Zero!” you can use the account for PLN 0, and thanks to the Lokata Effect for new funds, you can invest your savings with a high interest rate. We provide easy-to-use and professional banking solutions, which are gaining recognition among customers every month, for which we would like to thank you very much. – he says Daria Pawęda, Director of Business Development and Customer Service Department at Volkswagen Bank GmbH Branch in Poland..

Automated debt collection in the Vindicat system

Volkswagen Bank, thanks to the partnership with Vindicat, is offering a free service to recover unpaid invoices as part of the “You deserve help” promotion Auto debt collection is not just a financial benefit proposition. Using a debt collection robot can simplify and streamline the company’s debt collection procedures.

The robot uses a special mode of debt recovery. Step by step, methodically and steadily, it carries out as many as 10 debt collection operations. Online debt collection in the form of allows you to recover money without leaving your home. The system fully guides you through the entire debt collection process – from the friendly stage to possible execution. It will also allow you to provide many ready-made and personalized debt collection documents.

– The system is one of the components of the value-added service system that responds to the needs of the company’s customers. Our goal is to make it easier for traders to run a business. That’s why we offer the best online tool thanks to which entrepreneurs can maintain financial liquidity. – adds Bogusław Bieda, President of the Management Board of

Volkswagen Bank, operating as part of Volkswagen Financial Services, specializes in lending and deposit activities. It offers eg corporate and retail accounts, deposits, Visa debit cards, car and cash loans, including a range of banking products for the modern automotive industry. In 2022, the bank established a partnership with Ardor Auctions, the only auction house in Poland for lovers of vintage cars, as well as ITCARD, thanks to which individual customers of the bank can withdraw cash from Planet Cash ATMs for free.

More information about the Volkswagen Bank offer can be found at institution website.